Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Sunday, July 12, 2015

Urgent Call from the Mystical Rose to Humanity.

Be Careful My Little Children with the New Age Because It is a Sheep Skin with Which My Adversary Disguises


Little children of my heart, My Lord's peace be with you and may my maternal protection always accompany you.

Little children, evil and sin are growing every day, this humanity of these last days refuses to listen and to accept God's will. How much would I rather be delivering messages of more positive anticipation for my little children; how sad that I must speak of so much disgrace and pain and warn you of the punishment that is to come by your disobedience and sin. Have you not understood that God is love and if you repent from your heart and return to Him, I assure you He will relent from sending you the punishment. My Father does not rejoice with the suffering of his children nor is it his desire to punish mankind.

Little children, consecrate your selves, your homes and your families to both our hearts so that you may be protected in time of the great tribulation. I tell you this because many families will be lost for not having God in their homes. My adversary's goal is to destroy families; he wants to destroy God's first created community, because he knows that families that pray together have power to cause him grave damage.

Parents, again I urge you to take one hour of your family time for prayer and to pray the Holy Rosary. Don't let your children watch so much TV nor so much death technology as my adversary is bringing division to your families through these technologies.

The poison of subliminal messages in the movies and games they watch and play is leading them to spiritual darkness, to disobedience and rebellion, destroying the moral and spiritual principals you bestowed on them. Parents, I ask that you pay more attention to your children, because many will be lost at the start of my adversary's last reign.

Be cautious my children of new era, because it is the sheep skin with which my adversary disguises himself. Don't get contaminated nor take into your homes the culture of new age because all these disciplines like Feng Shui, taichí, reiki, angelology, numerology, chrystals, yoga, colored candles, perfumes, essences, burning sticks and steam fountains, herbal baths, bach flowers and other treachery along with alternative medicine are contaminated with esotericism and occultism and help my adversary carry out his plans. All these contaminates you and your homes bringing material and spiritual ruin. Understand my little children that what new age pursues is to kill God in your hearts.

Everything New age is ritualized so pay special attention and don't fall in the treachery; because evil emissaries are selling you and promoting this culture with the promise that you will achieve peace, harmony, fulfillment and integrated healing of body, mind and spirit. Be careful with that my little children. Don't allow yourselves to be seduced by that culture that appears harmless at first site, as in reality it seeks to separate you from God to then steal your soul.

Oh my little children, who idolize your bodies making idols of them, that spend great amounts of money on your bodies to try and fit in and be accepted. I tell you, if you continue on this path, you run the risk of losing yourselves, as you well know that those who idolatry will not inherit the Kingdom of my Father. I want to call on all those who practice the Yoga culture and seek to suppress your from your identity, to then, according to them, penetrate into a state of fulfillment. I tell that invoking mantras opens your soul’s doors for evil spirits to enter.

All these invocations or mantras as you call them, open the door of your souls to Hindu evils, trapping many by these relaxing techniques, that lead those who practice them to believe they are gods.

I am alerting you to all these my children so that you be very attentive and don't take anything that is contaminated with new age into your homes. Remove from your homes Buddhas, pyramids, crystals, owls, colored candles, essences, burning sticks, cactus, horse shoes, Chinese good luck cats and anything you have purchased seeking peace, prosperity, wellbeing, health or harmony because all these is treachery and is steeling my Father's Blessings. Remember, seek God first and everything else will follow. Don't continue to put your faith in men and dead objects, as these are abominable to my Father's eyes. May the peace of the Most High remain in you.

Love our Mother, the Mystical Rose

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