Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Monday, August 10, 2015

Urgent Call from Jesus the Good Shepard to His Flock.

Sheep of My Flock, the Days of the Wolf's Reign Are Close. Don't Be Afraid nor Panic As I Will Be with You


My flock, the days of my next coming are close, but first you my sheep need to be purified so that you can live in my New Creation y can be with me. I know you and your name is written in my Book of Life; I look after you and will let no one be lost because I love you. If I had to die again I would gladly do it, even if it was for just one of you my beloved sheep.

Don't be afraid my sheep, days on anguish are coming, but if you remain loyal to Me I assure you that none will be lost. I am the door through which you will enter and there you will be safe in the days that are approaching. Sheep of my flock, the days of the wolf's reign are close. Don't be afraid nor panic as I will be with you. The deceit will be so clear that you my sheep, will know that it is the wolf disguised as sheep, who will make himself known.

The media's show is ready and planned. Before my adversary makes his universal declaration his emissaries will announce it via all media. The publicity of his apparition will be broadcast to all creation. The children of the darkness will rejoice in announcing the apparition of their messiah; will say that the cosmic chirst is about to appear so that humanity prepares to receive him. The false messiah will speak of peace, unity, solidarity and love and this will make that many will believe him and adore as the awaited god.

Sheep of my flock, be very cautious of sects, as many work for my adversary and are announcing his coming. They present as sheep, but are wolfs who will try to deceive you to steal your soul. Don't listen to them, seal yourselves with my Blood, because you know their fruits, they are emissaries to the service of my adversary and serve his interests. They go knocking door by door searching for people to deceive, and in their words there is only blasphemy and lies. Be careful of them, don't accept anything from them, they are wolfs disguised as sheep who are preparing the way for the apparition of the false messiah.

My flock, very soon you will see in holographic images in the sky, those are holographic images created by the men of science who service my adversary. It is all part of the lure with which my adversary wants to deceive this humanity. Based on each nation's predominant faith, thus will be the image that will be projected in the sky. In those nations where Catholicism is predominant there will appear an image that represents me; in Buddhist nations a Buddha will appear and in muslin world an image of Mohammad will appear. All the images will speak and have movement and many will believe. Low frequency waves with subliminal messages will be sent to the brains to all those who worship such images and will feel inside as if god was calling their souls. For a while such images will be projected to indoctrinate the foolish and those of weak faith. Later all images will merge into a single image appearing the maitreya, the cosmic christ, the great instructor and architect of the universe, as he makes his followers call him.

Many nations will prostrate at his feet and those who refuse to adore him will be submitted and enslaved. Then he will physically appear and establish on earth the New World Order which will be his government. My people will be enslaved and will walk through the desert of purification. Be my sheep therefore prepared for the deceit that is approaching, don't fall on the trap, don't look at the holograms nor pay attention to those lies because this is all a trap that can make you lose your soul. Remain in my love, follow the instructions I am sending you through the prophets of these last times, so that you may remain firm in the faith and nothing nor no one can separate you from my path. My peace I leave you, my peace I give you. Repent and convert that the kingdom of God is at hand.

Your eternal Sheppard, Jesus of Nazareth

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