Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Thursday, September 3, 2015

Urgent Call from Jesus the Good Shepard to His Flock.

My Flock, the Time when the God-Money Will Fall and Die is Closing


My peace be with you, sheep of my flock

All has been complete consumed. Don't be afraid my flock, nothing will happen to you if you remain at my side. The fall of the gods of this earth is approaching and they wont be able to raise again; the dollar-god has its days numbered and with it the economies of many nations will also fall. The financial slaughter is approaching that will cause many to loose their heads and many nations will be in bankruptcy. The unemployment and lack of opportunities will be the common denominator of those days of economic crisis.

Humanity will know that only in God can they lay their trust and safety, because everything else is an illusion, a dream and selfless of selflessness, vanity of vanities. All who placed their trust and safety in the money god will regret it and many will despair when they see their fortunes and empires fall, they will take their lives and in doing so will loose their souls.

My Flock, the time for the fall and death of the god-money is approaching! The great majority of humanity will cry to see its departure; many will become desperate and will choose to die with their god rather than remain in this world without power, glory or safety. Lost are those whose god is the money, because its fall and death are imminent.

After the fall of the economies all be chaos; for a while humanity will wonder in uncertainty. All will be scarce and the riders of famine and war will appear. Millions will die, just as it was planed by the kings of this world. The path is ready and cleared for the Antichrist to make it appearance, and with him his reign of slavery and death.

My flock, be very vigilant as my enemy and his evil agents are very astute and not know any limit. They are using the images that represent my mother to mislead humanity and even my elected. They are saying that my mother is announcing in her apparitions and manifestations the coming of a false messiah. Be attentive and don't be fooled as the one who is to appear is the Antichrist ! I already came to this world and was rejected by humanity; the one who is to appear is the being of inequity, the son of perdition, who comes to supplant me and to whom the great majority of this humanity will adore as if he was God.

Again I tell you to read Mathew 24, the whole chapter and meditate it so you don't fall to the trickery and loose your soul. Don't believe those lies as you know very well that the Son of Men won't step on this earth again; the Son of Men will return to reign with all his glory and splendor over his Loyal People, in the new and celestial Jerusalem. Give therefore much attention to what I am telling you and walk like children of the light, so that your light will be a beacon in the darkness that is approaching. My peace I leave you, my peace I give you. Repent and convert because the kingdom of God is at hand.

Your teacher, Jesus the good Shepard.

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