Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Call from Jesus the Good Shepherd to His Flock.

The Armies of Gog and Magog Are Now Ready to Initiate the Great Armageddon


Peace be with you, sheep of my flock

The tentacles of Islam are multiplying. Its culture and doctrine are invading Europe. This is how the prophesy of Islam invading Europe is fulfilled. Bring chaos and division to those nations that turned their back. The Holy War is expanding and soon the army of the black flag that serves my adversary will spill blood over the old continent.

Europe will be again conquered by the sons of Islam who will impose their culture and religion at any price. In the time of the anti-Christ’s ruling he will be served by fundamentalist armies. For this, Europe and its countries will be the ones to suffer most under the domain and rigorous government of the being of iniquity. The Holy War that has started will extend into other nations and will start the Third World War. Israel will suffer and regret, once again Jerusalem will be destroyed, and the daughters of Sion will be sullied. The armies of Gog and Magog are now ready to start the great Armageddon. The fuse has been lit and the kings of the occult, who make all plans in clandestine, in their secret meetings have approved to start the great tribulation.

My flock, don’t stray away from me. Listen to my voice and follow me as the wolves are approaching. We can hear their WOLF CRY. They come to bring desolation, chaos and death. Come my sheep, don’t disperse; I am calling you through my emissaries, listen to them as it is my voice that is calling you to gather.

The night is coming and with it the time of the wolves. Be prudent my sheep and don’t open your heart to anyone. Don’t get caught in the dark so you do not regret it. Gather early your folds and feed on my Word so that you won’t be deceived. I am awaiting you in my Eternal fold, soon we will see each other. I want to take you to green pastures and fresh waters where you will satisfy your hunger and calm your thirst. I am waiting for you, don’t delay. My arms are open to welcome you, to give you love and abundant life.

With love, your Eternal Shepard, Jesus the Good Shepherd of all time. Your Teacher, Jesus the Good Shepherd.

Let my message known to the whole world

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