Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Chapel Our Lady of Carmen. Necocli - Antioquia. Urgent Appeal from Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament to Mankind.

Apostasy Increases More and More Every Day, Faith is Dying in the Hearts of Many Men!


My peace be with you, my children.

Look, little one, at the solitude in which I find myself, very few are those who come to visit me with a sincere heart. I feel lonely, my children leave me abandoned; the doors of my house are open and they are an invitation to enter and come visit me and comfort me. But no, they pass by my house at a distance, making the sign of the cross in a hurry, as if I were a ghost. What sadness I feel to see all of this! the vast majority of mankind treats me with disdain.

I am only God in the difficult times of their lives; I am only God to resolve problems for them. I am only God in illnesses, in misfortunes and in times of necessity. If some do come, they do not come to talk to me, but rather to ask me to heal them, to help them or to change their destiny. Others go farther and come in desperation to ask me for money or material things, without realizing that the most important thing for Me is the salvation of their souls. Poor creatures, they live more concerned about the things of this world than for their salvation and eternal life!

Apostasy is increasing more and more every day, faith is dying in the hearts of many men. I ask you: what will become of you foolish children when the days of tribulation arrive and you cannot find me then in the silence of my sanctuaries? Woe to you who turn your back to me today and not your face, because you do not know the spiritual torment that awaits you! Today you refuse to visit me and console me, and tomorrow you who will be the ones who will be screaming for me, asking me for solace and it will be in vain, because you will no longer find me.

Very soon the great abomination will arrive and my houses will be closed, my daily worship suspended and my tabernacles desecrated. Then, all those who treat me with indifference today will mourn and many in their despair will curse my name, will turn away from Me and will lose eternal life. Look, my son, at the way they treat me; they come into my house not to worship me, nor to praise me, but to take pictures, as if my houses were museums or public places where you can chat, criticize and do everything but pray. Truly I say unto you: in the same way that you treat me, so too, will you be treated. Every time you visit me with a sincere heart, I'll remember when you arrive in Paradise. Every time you snub me, I'll remember when you arrive in Paradise. Every time you deny Me before men, I'll remember in Paradise; for truly I say unto you: Whosoever denies me before men, I shall deny before my Father; moreover, whosoever justifies me before men, I shall justify before my Father.

My children, your journey to Paradise is drawing near for you, I feel sadness in knowing that many will no longer come back to this world. I'm waiting for you, ungrateful and sinful mankind; come and bow down before me, and beg me for mercy and forgiveness and I assure you that I will give it to you. My arms are open, waiting for you in the silence of each sanctuary. My warning is going to catch the vast majority of mankind unprepared; their souls, for want of God, will not withstand the test, and many are going to die for all eternity.

I make final appeals to you: adulterers, fornicators, prostitutes, homosexuals, alcoholics, drug addicts, thieves, murderers, occultists, witches, wizards, misers, covetous people and other sinners of this world who keep sinning and sinning and roaming without God and without law, like wandering shadows. I tell you, many of you will not come back; on your journey to Paradise I am going to separate the sheep from the goats and if you sons of perdition do not repent, I assure you that my judgment for you will be: depart from me, I do not know you; go to the eternal fire where your master awaits you! Remember what my Word says: Not everyone who says to me Lord, Lord, shall enter my Father’s kingdom, but he who does His will.

So, wake up, foolish children, and stop walking in sin, because the day of my Warning is coming; my Warning is not a myth, nor a story, nor a joke, but a spiritual reality that is going to catch many unprepared. Rejoice, my children, because the day of your redemption is drawing near! My Peace I leave with you, my Peace I give you. Repent, for the kingdom of God is near.

Your Teacher, Jesus of the Blessed Sacrament.

Make known my messages to all mankind.

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