Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Monday, February 8, 2016

Appeal from Mary, Mystical Rose, to the Children of God and to the Priests of the Marian Movement of Priests.

Little Children, Pray for My Priests and Instruments, Do Not Abandon Them Because You Know Full Well That They Are the Most Attacked by My Adversary!


Little children of my heart, may the peace of my Lord be with you all.

My children, with each moment the next coming of my Son is getting closer and closer, and to think that many of my little children are still not prepared for His arrival. How sad I feel to see the division, criticism and envy that is inside My Son’s Church! How sad I feel knowing that the days of tribulation are coming and the vast majority of mankind is going along not believing and without paying attention to our calls of distress! How many souls are going to be lost for want of being informed!

Little children, how sad I feel to see that other religions and sects have knowledge of the prophecies that discuss these last times; but by contrast, in the Church of my Son there reigns a guilty silence on these issues that are vital to mankind.

I am making an urgent appeal to my Marian Army, so that they carry out a great conference on evangelization and that they discuss these issues with one another! All those who have knowledge of the prophecies that discuss these last times have the moral and spiritual obligation to make them known to their brothers who do not know them. Do not remain silent, speak in season and out of season, so that your silence does not cause destruction for you tomorrow! I ask my priests of the Marian Movement of Priests to bring about a worldwide conference on evangelization and to speak to the people of God about the events that are on the verge of being unleashed. I am counting on you, my beloved ones, and on all my little children who are aware of these issues, to start passing them on as soon as possible. Heaven will bless you and will be happy with your fiat.

Little children, pray for my priests and instruments, do not abandon them, because you know full well that they are the most attacked by my adversary. Do not criticize, nor judge, nor point a finger, nor condemn my Priests and instruments; include them in your prayers and pray for their ministry. Many priests are being lost through the easy life of this world and for want of prayer by them. In each rosary that you do, ask for the sanctification of my priests and for priestly and religious vocations, so that the flame of priestly prayer will not die out.

Form small prayer cells with the recitation of my holy rosary. Let every Catholic home be a cenacle of prayer, wherein reigns love, peace, forgiveness and above all the love of God and neighbor. The devil will not be able to enter any home where my holy rosary is prayed, nor will he be able to harm them; on the contrary, it is my adversary who will end up defeated. Any home where my holy rosary will be prayed will not suffer the harsh effects of the tribulation and they will want for nothing when the famine comes. I, your Mother, will cover with my Mantle all those homes where my rosary is recited. I will send Angels to protect these homes; none of those who pray my Rosary will be lost, nor their families. It is a promise that I make to you so that you multiply these small communities of prayer.

Little children, I also ask that when you pray my rosary, you plead for all the souls in purgatory; especially for all those in most need of God’s mercy and for all the sinners of this world. Help me with the prayer of my holy rosary to free many souls that lie in wait in purgatory. They are souls that are already being purified, but in order to enter heaven they need you to offer a Holy Mass for them or pray the rosary or do an act of charity for them. Remember them in prayer and they will thank you and intercede for you and for your families in this world, and when you arrive in Paradise.

May the peace of my Lord abide in you.

Your Mother, Mary, Mystical Rose, loves you.

Make known my messages to all mankind.

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