Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Saturday, May 7, 2016

Appeal of Mary Mystical Rose to the Children of God.

All My Little Children Devoted to My Five First Saturdays of the Month, Count on My Protection. I Have You Covered with My Mantle and My Adversary Will Not Be Able to Touch You !


Little children of my heart, may the peace of the Lord be with you. My little ones, today is a day of joy for your Mother; the presence of my faithful little children this first Saturday of the month comforts my being and makes my heart glad. On all the first Saturdays of the month there is a party in heaven and I, your Mother, pour abundant blessings on all those who come to visit me and especially on my little children devoted to my five first Saturdays of the month. Thank you, my children, for tending to my call and gathering around Me with the recitation of my Rosary.

Whatever you ask me today I will grant you, if it is for your good and the salvation of your soul. I never ignore the pleas directed to me by my little children; if you come to one of my Sanctuaries, you not only receive my blessing, but also the gift of a plenary indulgence. To receive this great gift, you must come to one of my Sanctuaries, hear Holy Mass, receive Communion and pray my Rosary. This indulgence will erase many of your sins, and you can apply it for this purpose or accumulate it for when you come to eternity.

All of my devoted little children of my five first Saturdays of the month count on my protection. I have them covered with my mantle and my adversary cannot touch them. All of my devoted ones will be notified by Me five days before dying, and when their time comes, I will come spiritually for their souls. To all my devotees of my five first Saturdays of the month, I give special thanks so that when they reach eternity they will be assigned a dwelling place near me. I will not allow even one to die in sin. My devotees of my five first Saturdays of the month will be preserved from disasters and accidents and violent deaths. At the time of the great tribulation, I will place on them my rays of light, so that my adversary will be blinded and not able to hurt them.

None of my devotees will suffer a painful death nor a long purification; I will be balm for them and will alleviate their sufferings. All my devotees will enjoy the peace of my Lord and the Holy Fear of God. So, look, little children, how many blessings and graces you receive from this mother for being my devoted ones. Do not miss out on these gifts; Make my five first Saturdays of the month in the grace of God and pray my rosary, and I will bring you to eternal glory. I await you in one of my sanctuaries; come and we will pray together to the Father, so that you can receive all these graces and blessings. I love you. May my maternal protection remain in you.

Your Mother, Mary Mystical Rose

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