Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Appeal of Mary Sanctifier of the Children of God. Alto De Guarne – Antioquia, Colombia.

Little Children, Help Me to Save Many Souls Who, for Lack of Knowledge, Will Be Lost!


Little children, may the peace of my Lord be with you all.

Mankind has already begun to walk through the desert of purification, the last moments of mercy are coming to an end. Take refuge in the mercy of my Father, so that your souls will not be lost when divine justice strikes. Little children, the sky does not seek to frighten you with messages, but to warn you to prepare yourselves for the events that are coming so that nothing will take you by surprise.

Return to God, little rebel children, stop sinning because your souls are in danger of being lost; listen to the appeals that we are making to you, and change the course of your lives, that you may obtain mercy and find the joy of eternal life.

Little children, the violent death of one of the kings of this world will completely destabilize the peace of men; that nation will go to war and there will be much blood spilled. Little children, my opponent does not rest, he is found traveling and indoctrinating his flock, many are his followers already, willing to give their lives for him. What suffering I feel in my Motherly heart, knowing that my son was rejected by mankind and today the son of perdition is being accepted and worshiped as if he were God himself!

A large sign in the sky is about to occur, the Cross of my Son will soon appear in the sky and the people of God will fall face down and worship it, because it is the Glorious Cross of Golgotha, which will usher in the Warning and will bring blessing and healing to all men of good will. Prepare yourselves for this event that will change your lives.

Little children, everything has been accelerated by the existing evil and sin in this mankind of the end times. My Father is seeking, by all means, to save the greatest number of souls; What sadness is felt in Heaven to see that the vast majority continues to turn their back!

A celestial body of great size is approaching Earth; its shock will make the Earth enter its final birth pangs. The fall of this great rock of fire will move the axis of the earth and the clock of time will reach the limit of 12 hours. This will be the time when my Father unleashes his divine justice upon the inhabitants of the earth.

Little children, help me to save many souls who, through lack of knowledge, will be lost. Pray my Rosary for the souls of those who walk in spiritual tepidity and for all the sinners of the world. Pray, so that they wake up in the Warning and return to the path of salvation. I need my Marian army to join me in prayer, praying my Rosary with me so that together we can ask the Father for the salvation of the greatest number of souls. Pray constantly, remembering that one swallow does not make a summer. The power of constant prayer will mobilize Heaven's Armies and always attend to you, whenever you ask for it.

Again I tell you to consecrate yourselves to our two hearts and consecrate your families to us. All my spiritual warriors ought to consecrate themselves also to our beloved Michael, so that they have his assistance in spiritual battle. After my Rosary, you ought to pray the prayer of combat of our Prince and his exorcism, given to Pope Leo XIII, asking for the collapse of the plans of my adversary and his hosts of evil. Do not forget that he is about to reveal himself to mankind and his appearance will bring much suffering.

So, it's time for little children to begin to distance themselves from the things and cares of this world. Take my Rosary, it is the most powerful spiritual weapon that I am giving you to destroy the plans and attacks of my adversary. It's time to start praying morning, noon and night because all the events described in the Holy Word of God are about to unfold and the man of iniquity is about to reveal himself. Remain in the peace of my Lord. Your Mother, Mary Most Holy, loves you.

Children, make known my messages to all mankind.

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