Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Urgent Appeal to Parents from Mary Rosa Mystica.

Parents, Turn Your Eyes to God and to Prayer Because Your Homes Are Being Destroyed and Your Children Are Being Lost!


Little children of my heart, may the peace of my Lord be with you and my love and maternal protection always be with you.

Little children, I am very sad seeing so many homes being lost for the lack of love and above all because God is missing in them. My opponent and his demons are destroying many families, creating division, confusion and separation in them. Misused technology is the cause of the destruction of many homes. The time for dialogue and prayer in families has been displaced by the cellphone, television and computer, leading to a crisis of values ​​in many homes.

The lack of leadership and the lack of God and prayer are plunging many families into a spiritual darkness, which is being used by my opponent to divide and destroy them. Parents, turn your eyes to God and to prayer because your homes are being destroyed and your children are being lost! Unbridled consumerism and materialism, the cares and concerns of this world, lack of prayer and God, coupled with the permissiveness of many parents, is what is leading many households to the loss of moral, social and spiritual values.

Parents, many television programs, films, computer and cellphone games are full of negative subliminal messages that seek to wean your children from God and from prayer. This technology of death is leading to a crisis in many homes. Parents, just how long are you going to allow the computer, television and cellphone to continue being the parents and guides of your children? All the paraphernalia that technology of these end times offers aims to take God out of your homes.

This technology has become master of your children, they go and spend most of their time with it. Children, youth and many adults seem hypnotized; its misuse is leading to the destruction of many families. I am very sad because, through your guilt, parents, many of my children and youth are being lost. Thousands of young people fall daily into the abyss because their parents have forgotten how to love, dialogue, guide and direct; and the saddest thing is that you have, through your permissiveness, allowed Luciferian technology to separate them from the love of God!

Parents, pay attention to your homes. Do not be so permissive with your children! Control the use of technology in the home and allot more time for family prayer. Bring God back into your homes and take up again as soon as possible the recitation of my Holy Rosary, so that you will stay far away from satan and his demons, who, through ritualized technology in these end times have come into your lives; remember that he only seeks to create division in order later, to rob your soul.

Parents, do not forget that you are responsible for the moral and spiritual education of your children. As parents and guides, you ought to exercise control and monitor everything that your children see and hear, so that tomorrow you will not grieve for the loss of your families. I tell you that in hell there is a place where the souls of many parents and their children who were lost in this world lie because of their misuse of technology. The demons of technology separate them from God and rob their souls from them, leading them and their children to eternal death.

So, I ask you, parents, not to grieve my heart; take up as soon as possible leadership in your homes; go back to family prayer and read the Holy Word of God. Impress upon your children love and respect. Go back to the teaching of the Ten Commandments, so that the love of God and his presence again take control of your homes. No more permissiveness; I want, my children, more dialogue, love, understanding and, above all, prayer and respect for God and your brothers so that homes are reborn where God is the center and guide of your families.

May the peace of my Lord and my maternal protection flood your homes. Your Mother, Mary, Rosa Mystica, loves you. Make known my messages to all mankind.

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