Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Thursday, August 18, 2016

Urgent Appeal of God the Father to Humanity and to the Kings of This World.

Inhabitants of the Earth, Stop Your Pollution, Do Not Continue Destroying My Creation! Kings of This World, Approve Laws That Will Save the Life of the Planet Because to Continue As You Are Going, All My Creation Will Soon Be a Desert!


My peace be with you, men of good will.

The heat of my land will intensify, reaching limits which will make many regions of the planet unlivable. Seek the high places to live, because life in the cities will be very hot, especially in coastal regions or in those where rivers cross.

The climate has changed by the hand of man, and through its transformation, the sun is not the same. Its rays are entering more directly to earth; its constant eruptions are causing coronal mass ejections to weaken the magnetic field earth, producing global warming. Deforestation and pollution are destroying the defensive barrier of my earth. My creation is crying out for justice and if you do not stop polluting and desforesting it, very soon all elements of nature will revert against you. Pollution and deforestation, together with the evolution of the sun, bring drought and famine to the inhabitants of the earth.

Oh, inhabitants of the earth, if you continue to pollute my creation, soon you're not going to have any water! Water is life and you are wasting it. You are not making good use of natural resources. If you continue wasting water and deforesting watersheds, very soon you will die of hunger and thirst.

Again I tell you: All those who violate my creation shall be a prisoner of guilt; if they do not make reparation for the damage that they are doing, my divine justice will charge them for their injustice when they reach eternity. My creation is a living organism, feeling and resenting your abuse and mistreatment. I have given you a paradise called earth, which has life, so that you may live in harmony with it and other creatures. But this is not happening; man with his technology of death is bleeding me; he is destroying natural resources and destroying sources of water that are the lifeblood of my creation.

I will not allow you to continue destroying my creation. If you continue to pollute and deforest, I assure you that my land will rebel against you and you will know famine and drought. Reforest, reforest, do not defile my creation any more, because water is running out for you! If you let it run out, you will die of hunger and thirst.

Kings of this world, I am making an urgent appeal to you, so that you will take measures to stop pollution and the abuse of natural resources! Failure to do so will endanger the existence of all creatures, including human life!

Inhabitants of the earth, stop your pollution, do not continue destroying my creation! Kings of this world, approve laws that will save the life of the planet, because to continue as you are going, soon all my creation will be a desert!

Reconsider and be aware that water and your natural resources are being depleted.

Your Father Yahweh, Lord of Nations.

Make known my messages, people of good will.

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