Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Sunday, October 2, 2016

Urgent Appeal from Saint Michael to God's People.

The Battles for Your Liberation Are Spiritual and Your Mind is the Battlefield!


Who is like God. NO ONE IS LIKE GOD. Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia.

May the peace of the Almighty be with you all and my assistance and protection always accompany you.

Brothers, I'm Michael, your prince and I am among you by the grace and permission of my Father. Do not hesitate to call me when you to feel yourself being attacked; I am available to the People of God. Pray my prayer of combat during the day and at night or when you are most in need because these days are already days of spiritual battle; Satan and his demons are loose and roam the world, looking for ways to make sure you are lost.

Brothers, attacks on minds have intensified; my opponent is sending you thoughts of aggression, anger, resentment, violence, impurity and other sins of the flesh through his fiery darts; to make you fall and to make blood flow. Do not despair, when the dart reaches your mind, repel it immediately, invoking the power of the Blood of the Divine Lamb. Call upon our beloved Queen and Lady, invoking her Immaculate Conception; call upon the Saints and Blessed Souls, or call upon me or my brothers the Angels and Archangels of the Kingdom of my Father.

Do not forget, brothers, that you must first ask permission from Our Father, each one of you who calls upon us with the prayer of Our Father and if it is I whom you call, do not forget my battle cry: Who is like God. No one is like God (3 times). I will come to your aid and I will come with my sword and my spear to destroy each fiery dart and action of the evil one, so that you do not fall into temptation.

When you receive the attack, do what I just told you, so that it doesn’t take hold in your mind and contaminate your senses. My opponent wants to take possession of souls, suppressing them first in the mind; if he has control of your mind it will be easier to take possession of your soul. Do not play his game, do not think that it is not worth your effort; remember that my opponent is astute and he is the father of lies. He is looking for you to fall into temptation so that you will sin and remain unprotected by the grace of God.

Keep what I am saying ever in mind because I remind you that the greatest battles for your freedom will take place in your mind. Pray at all times so that when the days of the great tribulation arrive, your mind will be strengthened by prayer. Read the Holy Word of God, which is the Sword of the Spirit, especially the Psalms of protection and liberation, so you can defend yourselves from the attacks of my adversary. Do not forget to be wearing your Spiritual Armor day and night, and apply it to your families most in need. The battles for your liberation are spiritual and your mind is the battlefield. So, protect your mind with the whole armor of God, which has been conveyed to you through our brother Enoch, so that you can be victorious in spiritual warfare every day.

Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God of the Universe. The heavens and the earth are full of the majesty of your Glory. We praise and adore you forever, beloved Father.

Your Brothers and Servants, Michael the Archangel and the Angels and Archangels of the Kingdom of God.

Brothers, make known our messages to all mankind.

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