Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Sunday, October 30, 2016

Urgent Appeal of God Father to Humanity.

Neither the Science nor the Technology of This World Can Stop or Divert the Fire of My Justice!


My peace be with you My people, inheritance of mine.

Very soon the days of justice will begin and with that the Just Wrath of God that will restore order and right to all the ends of the Earth. Nothing that is to come will be reversed; All events will unfold as described; One event will follow the other and this humanity will walk through the desert of purification. Then, you will know that I am the Ruler of the Universe and I come with my justice to put order in my creation.

The instrument of my justice is approaching the Earth and nothing and no one will be able to stop it. Neither the science nor the technology of this world can stop or divert the fire of my justice. I am going to punish the ungodly nations and wipe out wickedness, sin, and injustice from the face of the earth. Ungodly nations, your days are numbered, heavy and measured!

Ungodly nations, did you think that you could make fun of Me? That you could sin and sin without receiving punishment? Oh how wrong you are, I will come to you as Yahweh Sabaoth, Lord of Hosts and Justice and I will ask you to account for your detestable actions! Chaos and despair will soon seize upon you, ungodly nations, and there will be no one to listen to you. I will make of these nations a desert, desolate places where only wild beasts will dwell. I will turn my back on you, and not show you My face, when I pass by you with the fire of my righteousness. I assure you that I had more regard for Sodom and Gomorrah than I will have for you. These are still remembered, but there will be no memory left of you, the ungodly nations of these end times.

At the end of the year of my mercy, my days of Justice will begin. Who can endure my Justice? Men of sincere heart and who walk uprightly will be the only ones who will be able to endure it. My Angels are even now ready to sound the Trumpets again. When you hear their sound, you will know that the time of my Justice has begun.

Pray, pray and cry out to heaven, so that you may be able to survive the days of distress that are approaching. You rich magnates, your underground shelters will not serve you for anything because no place on earth will be safe. Only the prayer and praise that you raise to your Heavenly Father will keep you safe in those days.

My creation is about to enter the final stage of its purification and when the fire of my Justice falls, that will accelerate its arrival. Everything in the universe will be shaken and I will create a New Heavens and a New Earth and a remnant of you will be my chosen People tomorrow. Therefore, prepare yourselves, inhabitants of the Earth; Make the most of these last days of Mercy that I give you, that you may be ready for the arrival of my Warning and the days of justice that are approaching.

Your Father Yahweh, Lord of the Nations, Make known my messages to all the ends of the Earth.

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