Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Sunday, January 29, 2017

Urgent Appeal of Mary Helper of the Rulers and Inhabitants of the Earth.

As a Mother of Mankind and Universal Queen of All Creation, I Appeal to You Inhabitants of the Earth and Kings of This World Not to Squander Natural Resources Any More and to Enact Laws That Favor the Life of the Planet!


Little children, may the peace of my Lord be with you and my maternal protection always accompany you.

My children, the water is being exhausted by the mistreatment of the ecosystem. Days of famine and scarcity are coming; the inhabitants of many nations will die of hunger and thirst. Do not squander your natural resources, do not waste water anymore because river basins are drying up and water sources are running low! The terrestrial and aquatic ecosystem are the lungs of the earth, its deforestation and contamination are causing it to undergo a warming like never before seen. The polar caps are melting by the rise in temperature and this will bring serious consequences to creation.

The climate is out of control due to environmental pollution and the warming of the earth; this will bring you hunger and drought. Man's destructive hand is destroying the ecosystem. Many species of fauna and flora are in danger of extinction; the armor of the earth is increasingly weakening and the time will come when the rays of the sun with all its fire and negative charges will make many places on earth unlivable. Natural resources are running low. I urgently appeal to inhabitants of the earth and to rulers that reforestation plans and water and energy saving be carried out. To continue contaminating and deforesting the earth will soon cause it to become a desert.

Make good use of water because it is the life of creation and its creatures. Ration, little children, the consumption of water in your homes. Do not waste it so that tomorrow you will not die of thirst. Water is a vital element for your existence and the life of the planet; to continue wasting it as you are doing, very soon it will be gone. If this happens, life on earth will disappear.

Rulers of this world, the life of the planet will depend on your actions in favor of the ecosystem! As Mother of mankind and Universal Queen of all creation, I appeal to you inhabitants of the earth and kings of this world not to squander natural resources any more and to enact laws that favor the life of the planet. Rulers, make reforestation campaigns in your nations and enact laws that protect the natural resources and ecosystem of your nations.

I ask the whole of mankind to make good use of water and resources. May parents of the family not waste this precious liquid in your homes; may it be used properly in the needs of the home, without waste. I want little children to become aware of this natural resource that God gave you and to use it wisely. Without water life and creation perish. So think, little children, and make good use of the natural resources that my Father gifted you for your existence in this world.

May the peace of my Lord abide in you. Rend your hearts because the triumphant return of my Son is coming.

Your Mother Mary Helper of Christians loves you.

Little children, make known my messages to all mankind

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