Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Sunday, February 12, 2017

Urgent Appeal of Jesus ​​The Good Shepherd to Parents.

Parents, Control the Use of Technology in Your Home and Spend Time in Dialogue and Family Prayer!


My peace be with you, sheep of My flock

Parents, what are you waiting for to straighten out the direction your households are taking? As Good Shepherd I do not want your families to be lost; I have placed you as pastors of your homes, but I feel great sadness to see how the vast majority of families are going off the cliff. The bad example of many parents, and their permissiveness, is making many homes today go adrift. Many families are out of control and they are walking towards the abyss; Luciferian technology has entered the homes and its misuse is destroying many families. The demon of technology is stealing the soul of my little ones.

Technology is pushing them away from prayer and from moral and spiritual values inculcated at home. I feel great pain in my Heart to see so many children and young people being lost for lack of love, dialogue, understanding and above all because of the lack of God and the leadership of parents in the homes. Parents, listen to My call and pay more attention to your children, for the flock that I have placed in your care is dispersed and is falling off the cliff! Leave your worries and worldly concerns, and pay attention to what is worth more than money, your families!

Parents, control the use of technology in your homes and spend time in dialogue and family prayer. For truly I say unto you, if you continue more concerned with the things of the world, and you keep turning your back on your children, I assure you that you are going to lose them, and with them you will lose yourselves, too. Parenting is not just providing material things for the home and children. Being a parent is much more than giving food and clothing to your children. To be parents is to be: guides, teachers, friends, siblings, confidantes and above all priests of your children and your homes. To be a parent is to be a sower of the seed of love and fear of God in your families. You have become parents who are suppliers of material things and you are neglecting the treasure of the soul that is in each one of your children. It is the soul of your children that is being lost by your license and permissiveness; it is the soul of your children that is being lost for having taken God from your homes and having replaced Him with the cell phone, computer, television and other gods of this world’s technology. It is the soul of your children that is being lost by lack of love, dialogue, understanding, prayer, leadership and above all through the lack of fear of God in many homes.

There are very few homes today where the door is opened for me, where I live. The vast majority of families are distant from Me, and so many others are lukewarm; they seek Me only when problems come; they behave like the Pharisees; they preach, but do not put into practice. Truly I say unto you, not one of the lukewarm homes will enter into My New Creation.

Parents, the time of the Great Tribulation is approaching. If you and your families remain distant from Me, I assure you that My adversary will be charged by the demon of technology to lead you to eternal death. I need pastors of the home who will bring more love, dialogue, understanding, prayer and fulfillment of the Ten Commandments in your homes. Make them strongholds of prayer, because My adversary is going to attack the heart of the homes, and if there is no unity or fear of God in them, they are going to be lost eternally.

In your passage through eternity I am going to lead all the lukewarm families and those distant from Me to Hell so that they see the state of families that have already been condemned and who, like them, only walked in this world, worried about material things and living apart from God. With this, I want to make them reconsider so that when they return to consciousness, they will return to God and attain salvation. I am saddened to see so many families fall into the abyss! As Good Shepherd, I will do all in My power to save them, as long as they open their hearts to the love and fear of God. Again I say: be prepared because the time is coming when you will pass through eternity. Stay awake, because the triumphant return of the Son of Man is near.

Peace I leave with you, My peace I give you. Repent and be converted, for the Kingdom of God is at hand.

Your Teacher, Jesus the Good Shepherd

Make known My messages, sheep of my flock.

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