Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Sunday, February 26, 2017

Urgent Appeal from Mary Rosa Mystic to Mankind.

Prepare Yourselves, My Little Children, Because the Schism in the Church and the Fall of the World Economy Are Coming!


My children, may the peace of my Lord be with all of you and my maternal protection always be with you.

Little ones, two great events that will mark the destiny of mankind are about to be unleashed. One can feel the fall of the world economy coming and with it, the time of the mark of the beast. The schism is the other event that is about to happen and that will mark the destiny of my Son’s Church; the rebellion of some cardinals will divide the Church, moving its foundations but never collapsing them.

The economy of nations will gradually weaken due to global instability; instability that has been planned by the elite to destabilize the markets and to bring about the era of the Microchip. The attack upon and death of one of the leaders of this world will be the trigger that will cause the world economy to fall definitively. Humanity will be stunned at this event, the world will be convulsed and the Illuminati elite will take advantage of this ominous event to cause the collapse of the world economy and start the mandatory use of the Microchip. Many nations will be bankrupt and the leaders of the powerful nations will exploit this to subdue and enslave them.

World banking led by the elite will be the first to file for bankruptcy; everything is planned to make humanity believe that the only way out of the great economic recession will be the adoption of a new system that will be managed by credits (points), which will only be granted if you have the mark of the beast. While all the logistics of the microchip are implanted and humanity is getting marked, for a while it will make use of the so-called plastic money that will be moved through credits or points. Paper money will disappear forever.

The World Bank, together with the International Monetary Fund, will provide loans to nations to lift them from their ruin with the condition that the obligatory use of the microchip be implanted in their population. The credits will be granted without any interest in order to revive the economy of nations. The mark of the beast will move the world economy; only those who have the mark of the beast implanted on their forehead or right hand will have access to credits or points. This is how the words of the Book of Revelation are fulfilled: "It forced all men, small and great, rich and poor, slave and free, to accept a stamped image on their right hand or their forehead, moreover, it did not allow a man to buy or sell anything unless he was first marked with the name of the beast or with the number that stood for its name. (Revelation 13: 16, 17)

Everyone who refuses to bear the mark of the beast will lose his job and possessions. In the time of the reign of my adversary the New World Order that will rule in the nations, will be in charge of expropriating all the goods and riches of those that are against the regime. All those who allow themselves to be marked will lose their identity and will become part of an authoritarian system where the human being will stop being a person, only to become a number, which will be coded and stored in the archive of a large computer called "Big Brother”. All those marked will be monitored by satellite, they will become entities and Big Brother will direct his destiny.

Big Brother will be the eye of satan who will see everything; he who tries to rebel or to get rid of the microchip will lose his life instantly. Foul-smelling sores will appear on the body of all those marked, the wrath of God will be unleashed upon them and they will have no rest day or night. The faithful people of God will be persecuted and many will lose their lives for their faith.

Little children, do not fear; if you prepare yourselves spiritually and obey our instructions, there is no reason to fear. Know that Heaven will not abandon you and I, your Mother, will cover you with my Mantle and make invisible all my faithful children who are devotees of my Holy Rosary. So put your trust in Our Two Hearts and everything will go according to the will of my Father. My Rosary will protect you from the hosts of evil and the spiritual and incarnate demons, who will not be able to do you any harm.

So, my little children, prepare yourselves because the schism in the Church and the fall of the world economy are coming. Pray that the power of continuous prayer will strengthen the Church and that the Church may endure the days of martyrdom and purification that lie ahead. You People of God, you are the Mystical Body of the Church and your Head is Christ. Support the Pope and my faithful cardinals so that this bitter chalice that the Church of my Son will drink will serve to strengthen her and allow the rebirth tomorrow of a new Church, more spiritual and more committed to the Gospel of my Son.

May the peace of my Lord, abide in you.

Your Mother, Mary Rosa Mystica, loves you.

Little children, make known my messages to all mankind.

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