Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Monday, March 6, 2017

Urgent Appeal of God the Father to Humanity.

My People, Leave the Impious Nations Because the Time is Close when My Angel of Justice Will Pass Through Them and Fire from Heaven Will Rain over Them!


My peace be with you My people, my inheritors

My children, xenophobia and racism is empowering the rulers and inhabitants of the great nations. Before the beginning of my days of Divine Justice, all the repatriated will return to their places of origin. The exodus of these repatriated will intensify and all those who feel safe in foreign nations will see their hopes and their lot frustrated and more choice will remain for us than the return to our countries of origin.

The migration policies of many rulers will not respect the time nor value the labor of those who once brought progress to their nations. The authorities of the great nations will let nothing get in their way to accomplish their policies of repatriation of immigrants. If you are an immigrant, your rights are not going to be respected, nor will they give any consideration to the time you have had residence in the foreign nation.

My people, nationalism is empowering many nations and the time will come when all those who are not compatriots will have to go to their countries of origin. The massive deportation of immigrants is directed especially to those foreigners whose countries of origin are the third world. Unemployment, scarce resources, social and economic problems, and population growth are leading many nations to take massive deportation measures from foreigners. The poorest nations will be most affected by these measures, as this will bring more unemployment and more social and economic problems to them.

My people who dwell in foreign nations, the hour of desolation is drawing near; you will go into exile and no foreign nation will receive you! My people, the time of your purification is near. The desert awaits you, but do not be afraid; I will go before you, and my cloud will cover you. March in silence, taking with you your belongings, your wife and your children, because the hour of my justice is near; In many nations I will let my arm fall and there shall not be a stone left upon another. I say to you, Sodom and Gomorrah were more fortunate than the ungodly nations of these end times.

My people, leave the impious nations because the time is close when my Angel of Justice will pass through them and fire from Heaven will rain over them! My people will be repatriated and will walk through the desert, but they will not be alone. I will raise up pastors and guides who will feed them and guide them, so that they may safely reach the gates of my Promised Land, my Heavenly Jerusalem.

Your Father, Yahweh, Lord of Nations

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