Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Friday, October 13, 2017

Urgent call from Jesus the Good Shepherd to His Flock.

Intolerance and impatience are taking over humanity.


Sheep of My Flock, My peace be with you.

Flock of mine, intolerance and impatience are taking over humanity.

This one is no longer patient or tolerant; the slightest misunderstanding or friction between men causes to trigger an altercation that leads to insults, quarrels and in many cases to death.

The dialogue already ceased to be the mechanism with which differences were solved; the humanity of today all wants to take it by way of the action; this attitude of intolerance is what is unleashing violence, vengeance, resentment, hatred and death among men of the end-times.

The estrangement from God, the agitation of life with its worries, the lack of love and of forgiveness, is what leads this humanity to become aggressive and intolerant.

The lack of moral and spiritual values are taking societies and humanity to degeneration and despair.

Today instead of dialogue there is aggression; the root of intolerance comes from families; families where there is no love or dialogue, where there is no God, are intolerant families.

The youth of today are aggressive, due to lacking of values, the young people are the ones who, in greater degree, are aggressive, intolerant and violent.

Dysfunctional families are the root of intolerance and violence in societies. Families without love, affection, dialogue and forgiveness, are families whose children tomorrow will be intolerant and violent.

Shepherds of the family, how long will you go on with your lack of leadership, permissiveness and lack of love and God in your families?

In truth, I say unto you, all the intolerance that is affecting the humanity of these end times has its origin in today's families.

Many of you parents are guilty of the moral and the spiritual degeneration of your children. You complain for their violence, but you do not realize that it is you the ones who breed violence in your families with your bad behavior.

This humanity is going adrift due to lack of love and of God in his heart.

Oh Mankind, return to the love of God; fulfill My Holy Precepts, which are the commandments of love and of justice so that you may live in peace and in harmony with God, creation and creatures! Put them into practice because my Commandments are the Way, the Truth and the Life.

My Divine Decalogue is the guideline governing the hunan behavior; My Commandments are the Law of Love that you must write on your heart so that you can live in peace and in harmony in this world and attain tomorrow the joy of eternal life.

My Flock, the lack of fulfillment of my Precepts is the cause of the decline of this humanity. As Good Shepherd, I call you Shepherds of my Church and Shepherds of families, so that you retake as soon as possible the teaching of my Holy Precepts.

Parents, you are responsible before Me for the moral and spiritual education of your children; retake the control and leadership of your families, so you will not be sorry tomorrow!

I tell you, there are many families in hell who, like many of you, turned away from Me, and turned their shoulders to My Precepts.

They preferred to live without God and without law and this led them to the eternal death.

Pastors of the family, the arrival of My Warning is approaching and the vast majority of the families continue to turn their back and not their face on Me.

I tell you, rebellious parents, if you do not reconsider and return to Me, the sooner, what will be waiting for you in eternity, is the eternal death for you and your families.

I desire that in all of the families of My sheep, you go back to retake the teaching of My Holy Precepts, so that the Love of God is reborn in the heart of the families.

My peace I leave you, my peace I give you. Repent and convert, for the Kingdom of God is at hand.

Your Master, Jesus the Good Shepherd

Let my messages be known to all humanity.

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