Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Monday, November 6, 2017

Urgent call of Jesus the Most High and Eternal Priest to His faithful people.

MY Church is in crisis. The schism is approaching.


My Peace be with you, My people.

My children, each day the spiritual struggle will increase more and more; the forces of evil are attacking my flock, the strongest attack is for My Beloved Ones and My Instruments, for the mission they have to accomplish. Pray a lot for my little ones for my Priests and the Hierarchy of my Church, because my adversary is attacking them strongly.

Keep them in your prayers; do not leave them alone, because my adversary seeks their fall from the Priestly Ministry that I have conferred on them.

The Rosary of my Mother in the Sorrowful Mysteries, the Rosary of my Sores and the Rosary of my Most Precious Blood are powerful armors that destroy the plans of the kingdom of darkness.

Submerge My children, my Priests in my Wounds, so that the evil one does not separate them from their Priestly Ministry, pray and repair for my Beloved Ones and especially for those who are losing themselves because of the modernism, of the flesh, of the New Age, of the anxieties and pleasures of this world.

My people, many of my Beloved Ones do not any longer believe in the mystery of the Transubstantiation of my Body and of my Blood; some officiate my Holy Sacrifice in a hurry and others just to fulfill. What a great sorrow I feel in my Loving Heart, to see these pastors of my Church, to vilify the Sacred Ministry of the Priesthood!

Their indifference and laziness make my Heart bleed. How much I suffer and cry to see so many of my Priests being seduced by the New Age! In many of my Houses, there are Priests, practicing Yoga, Reiki and other occultist techniques. And the saddest thing, they are polluting my flock and making all this look like as if it were divine.

Many of my Houses, have become houses of the world, they celebrate in them parties and bazaars, and activities that are not of the religious life.

In many of my Houses, there are pastors who commit impure acts; the spirit of Asmodeus has entered into them. How sad I feel to see all this degradation inside my Church! Everyone is silent, nobody stands up; this guilty silence is an outrage to My Vigilant to the leaders Divinity, which deeply saddens Me and makes heaven cry.

Many of my Beloved Ones, today, like Judas, betray me, They have allowed themselves to be seduced by the world and by the flesh and have opened the doors of my Houses to my adversary. In many of my Houses, my Holy Spirit no longer dwells. Oh unfaithful shepherds, if you do not repent and repair for your outrages, I assure you that the eternal death will be your pay!

When you reach eternity, I will release the weight of my Justice upon you unfaithful shepherds and you will die like baited sheep.

I urgently call you unfaithful pastors of my Church, so that you may straighten your walking, before the arrival of my Warning, because if you do not do it, when you reach eternity, the place that will be waiting for you, will be the kingdom of darkness.

My people, as High and Eternal Priest, I ask you a lot of prayer and reparation for my Priests. MY Church is in crisis; the schism is approaching; do not abandon it.

Make my people, chains of prayer, of fasting and of penance, for all of My clergy, so that the Wisdom and the Light of my Holy Spirit, guide my Church and my pastors on the path of salvation.

Your Teacher. Jesus Most High and Eternal Priest

Let My messages be known to all my Beloved Ones.

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