Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Thursday, December 14, 2017

Urgent appeal of the Sacred Heart of Jesus to Colombia.

Wake up Colombia. Great trials are coming.


My peace be upon you, My beloved people of Colombia.

Great trials come for My beloved Colombia; this land I have chosen, is about to enter purification.

Your children did not want to pay attention to My appeals to conversion; sin and wickedness have been intensifying and the injustice and corruption of those who govern, keep you under oppression.

It came to you the day of pruning, My beloved Colombia, I will pluck the chaff and bad grass of your land, so that only the good harvest remains in You.

I'm going to move My Colombia from east to west and from north to south; You are going to sway as you were drunk; I'll move all of you around and your shaking will only cease, when there will be no more in you, any trace of wickedness, injustice and sin. I will pass you through the oven of tribulation, because I need you to be purified and ready, so that you can accomplish My designs.

In each one of your cities I will root out the bad grass; the passage of My Justice will be much stronger in my three chosen cities.

What a sadness that I have to come to you, with My Justice, to be able to restore the order and the right! Prepare my beloved One (Colombia), for I have already ruled My judgment; more than for Ninive, if you repent and return to Me, I will desist from sending you My chastisement.

What are you waiting for inhabitants of my beloved Colombia, to return to Me?

Tear your hearts apart and take with responsibility your change! It does not please Me your suffering, for you well know that I love you. I desire sincere conversion born out of contrite and humiliated hearts. Gather in prayer, fasting and penance and move away from evil, injustice and sin. It is My last Appeal, before sending you chastisement to you.

Reconsider inhabitants of My beloved Colombia, I need urgently your change! I do not want to act with my Justice, for you very well know that you are not going to resist against It; pay attention to My appeal and do not keep on multiplying the number of your despicable actions.

Leaders of My beloved Nation, act with justice and do not continue to oppress My People; because their cry has come to Me.

I do not want more injustices on your part; I am waiting, leaders and inhabitants of my beloved nation, for your change; for I have already decreed the days of purification for your nation.

Remember that My word is truthful and does not return to Me, without having given the fruit that I expect.

I need a Colombia converted from the heart, before the coming of the days of its purification. Otherwise, I will pass It through the oven of Tribulation, because I need It ready and prepared so that It can be Light for the Nations.

Wake up inhabitants of my beloved Colombia, lit your lamps with prayer, fasting and penance, for the days of your purification have already been declared!

Your Beloved, the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Let my message be known in every corner of My beloved nation.

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