Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Monday, April 23, 2018

Urgent call of Jesus the Good Shepherd to His Flock.

Millions of young souls fall every day into hell.


My peace be with you, sheep of My flock.

The culture of darkness is taking over the youth. The (heavy) metal music that young people listen to, is charged with messages of rebellion, apostasy and death and it is leading them to fall into the abyss. Millions of young souls are being lost by listening to the music of darkness, which incites them to violence, drug addiction, sex, homosexuality, lesbianism, rebellion, suicide, occultism and the saddest of all is to the loss of moral and spiritual values and to God.

This music leads young people to despair, depression and in many cases to death. The spirit of evil is imbued in it, its rhythms, lyrics and chords, submerge young people into the kingdom of darkness. Millions of young souls fall every day into hell amid cries and blasphemies, they curse themselves and curse their parents, for not giving and lending love and attention to them.

Hatred towards God is the seal that will accompany them for all eternity. In the caverns of hell they are awaited by the demons of the idols of the metal music thatis made them be lost, there they are tortured eternally. This music make the Spirit of God move away from the young and it is the bridge to lead them to the eternal death.

My flock, the pseudo-religious culture of the New Age that serves My adversary, is causing the loss of a large part of humanity. The New Age seeks, through its philosophy and religious current, to deify man placing him at as the same height as God. Culture of pride that is leading many to the dark and the darkness. This ungrateful and sinful humanity refuses to carry the Cross of Redemption, they seek in the New Age the god of their whims and caprices; settling in a culture where there are no commitments or mandates; where man is considered a god who can do everything and create, based on the power of his mind. This pseudo-religious culture of the god of light, leads only to eternal death.

All the techniques and paraphernalia of the so-called New Age culture are an open door for the entrance of demons into the soul of those who practice it. Be careful sheep of My flock not to fall into this deception of the New Age! Remember that this world is under the power of darkness that seeks, by all means, to have the greatest number of souls lost. My sheep know My Voice and they follow Me, because they know that I am their Shepherd, and they go after Me, each carrying the cross of redemption. God of light, there is none, if you want to be My disciples, you must carry your cross in imitation of Mine; otherwise, you are not of My flock. Do not let yourselves be deceived by the emissaries of evil who offer you a paradise without Calvary, because this is an illusion. Without suffering, there is no purification or redemption.

I am the Good Shepherd, I am the Life. No one comes to Me, without first being born in the Spirit, and to be born in the Spirit, you must first die to your sinful condition. This is only achieved if you carry each day the weight of the cross of suffering and of self-denial, which will make you walk through the Calvary of purification, towards the top of redemption where you will resurrect to a New Life. Keep this very present flock of Mine, so that you do not fall into the deception that the New Age is offering you, of showing humanity the existence of a god, accommodated to the whim and taste of every human being.

I am your Jesus of Nazareth, One and Triune. The Only One and True God who out of love became man in the pure and holy entrails of a Virgin, to redeem you from sin and with My Death and Resurrection, to show you the path to Eternal Glory. I am the One and Triune God and outside ME, there are no more gods. My peace I leave with you, My peace I give you. Repent and convert, because the Kingdom of God is near.

Your Eternal Shepherd, Jesus of Nazareth, the Good Shepherd of all times.

Let flock of Mine My messages be known to all humanity.

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