Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Thursday, July 26, 2018

Urgent call of Mary Help of Christians to the People of God. Message To Enoch.

Do not allow the gender ideology to be imposed upon you.


My children, may the peace of My Lord be with you all.

Little children, spirits of sexual impurity are going loose and are causing that many, even the chosen ones, to be lost. Spirits of adultery, lust, fornication, homosexuality lesbianism and other impure spirits, are taking over all those whose spiritual doors of impurity are open. My young people are being lost by the spirits of sexual impurity: the vast majority of couples have sexual relation from early age; my young children (girls) have lost their modesty and shame, many do not respect themselves. A large majority loses their virginity at an early age and in many cases they become pregnant; unwanted pregnancies that end in abortions; leaving indelible wounds and traumas in the soul of these girls.

The lack of love and leadership in homes, the lack of moral and spiritual values, the ignorance of the Divine Mandates and above all the absence of God, is what is leading the youth to their perdition. I urge you parents, so that you pay more attention to your children: guide them in the way of sexuality, with base on the Divine precepts.

Teach them that sex was created only for procreation of the (human) kind within the union of a man and a woman, united by the Sacrament of Marriage with the blessing Jesus of God. Tell them that every relationship before marriage is fornication and that any relationship outside marriage is adultery, that if one incurs in it, he/her commits sin against the Sixth Commandment of the Law of God.

Parents, do not continue to make a taboo about the sexual subject in your homes, because for the lack of a good sexual orientation, based on sound moral and spiritual principles, that many young people are today going to perdition.

Little children, the gender ideology is getting stronger among the youth. Children and young people are being indoctrinated in many educational centers with this doctrine of impurity. They are taught that gender does not exist, that one can be male and female at the same time or vice versa when it comes to women: This is leading young people to have androgynous attitudes and behaviors that go against their sexuality. Homosexuality, lesbianism, transsexualism and all other sexual aberrations, the promoters of this doctrine want to implant in the youth.

Many young people are already confused with their sexuality and they are embracing behaviors contrary to their sex. Androgynous societies are taking shape, all of this, my little ones, is the work of the evil one who wants to implant in childhood and youth, the doctrine of sexual impurity, so that in the future the relationship of man and woman united by the bond of marriage would disappear.

I make an urgent call to all humanity religions, not to allow their rulers to implant in their nations the so-called gender ideology, because this is a demonic doctrine, which seeks to destrey the family conformed for man, woman and children.

The aim of the gender ideology is to create homosexual and lesbian unions that go against moral and Divine Laws. Again I tell you children of Mine, no relationship between same sex couples, is accepted by Heaven. Do not allow the gender ideology to be imposed upon you, because this abomination is detestable in the Eyes of Your Creator.

Little children, be then alert and vigilant because the last reign of darkness is about to begin. Remain united in the Love of God and behave like children of light, helping each other and protecting each other, so that tomorrow by the Grace of My Father, you are blameless and able to inhabit His New Creation.

May the Love and Mercy of God remain in you.

Your Mother loves you. Mary the Help of Christians.

Little children, let My messages be known to all humanity.

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