Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Urgent call of Mary Help of Christians to the People of God. Message To Enoch.

Demons coming from hell, they are not extraterrestrials.


Little children of my Heart, the Peace of my Lord be with you all and my Love and Motherly Protection always accompany you.

My little ones, the days that you are living are of purification, remain in the Grace of God and pray at every moment; because you well know that the forces of evil are active and do not give you any respite. If you relax with prayer and turn away from God, you run the risk of getting lost. Remember my children that your enemy is not of flesh and blood, your struggle is with evil spirits, who have command and power over this dark world. (Ephesians 6. 12)

Your struggle is with malign entities that are already in the space of your world, seeking to lose the greatest number of souls. They are demons coming from hell, they are not extraterrestrials so you will not be deceived. The weapons to defeat them are not material, but spiritual; the demons can only be overcome by prayer, fasting, penance, mortification; by being in Grace of God and by placing your faith and trust in Him. If you are not spiritually prepared, do not engage in combat with the forces of evil, because you run the risk of being lost.

Little children, your battlefield is your mind, the demons seek to take control of it, in order to take control of your body afterwards. That is why you must be in God's Grace, by praying at all times, so that you can repel the incendiary darts of the evil one. Again I say unto you: when the flaming dart reaches your mind, say: I take all the captive thinking to the obedience of Christ. (2 Corinthians 10. 5) Or say: Ave Maria Purisima, come to my aid Most Holy Mother; I assure you that the demons of the mind will flee from you.

Little children, many souls are getting possessed because the immense majority of this ungrateful and sinful humanity has turned his back on God. Be very careful and ask for much discernment from the Holy Spirit, because there are already many incarnate demons in your midst.

Do not enter into fights or sterile discussions; seal and seal your brothers with the Blood of my Son, so that you do not go to meet unpleasant surprises that make you run your own blood or lose your own life. The look of a possessed soul is aggressive and from his mouth, only bad words and blasphemies come out, its strength is enormouz.

The demons flee when you invoke the Blood of my Son, or when you invoke Me: just say: Hail Mary Most Holy, to make them flee from you. I instruct you children of mine so that you can defend yourselves against the attacks of my adversary and his hosts of evil; and so, come out victorious in the spiritual combat of each day. Again I remind you that you must wear the Spiritual Armor (Ephesians 6, 10, 18) of every day, morning and evening, with the reinforcement of Psalm 91, extending it to your children and relatives, so that they can also be protected by Heaven. Always carry with you around your neck my Holy Rosary and the Rosary of the Blood of my Son, so that you are well protected and the demons cannot touch you or harm you. Remember that my adversary knows who belongs to God, which is why you must be well protected, so that he cannot steal your soul. You are therefore warned my children, so that nothing and nobody can take you by surprise. In the home where my Holy Rosary is prayed, my adversary will not be able to touch it; I, your Mother, have covered with my Mantle all the homes where you pray with my Rosary.

Therefore, behave like children of the Light; separate yourselves from sin and from everything that leads you to sin. Remain in God's Grace and strengthen your faith, with prayer, fasting and penance, so that you convert yourselves in true spiritual soldiers and unite with Me, and with the Heavenly Armies and together we will defeat the forces of evil from the face of the earth and pave the way for the triumphant return of my Son.

Stay children of mine in the peace of my Lord.

Your Mother Loves You, Mary the Help of Christians.

Make my messages known to all humanity, little children of my Heart.

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