Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Sunday, September 2, 2018

Urgent call of Mary the Sanctifier to the People of God. Message to Enoch.

Time is running out, do not be foolish! Repent and convert.


Children of mine, may the Peace of my Lord be with you all, and the Love and the Protection of your Heavenly Mother, always accompany you.

Little children, dark days await you, do not fear; pray with my Holy Rosary so that those days of purification may pass by like a dream for you. Humanity has not reached to reduce the bitter calyx awaiting them; they go on in their everyday life and many continue to turn their backs on God; days of the great trial are to arrive and they will be lost for not being spiritually prepared. As Mother of humanity, I urgently ask you, little children, to wake up from your spiritual lethargy, because the days of Divine Justice are coming! Many souls are going to be lost by omission and others by lack of knowledge.

The tribulation is coming and with it bad news and tragedies; all the misfortunes will be arriving unexpectedly, one after another. The immense majority of humanity that is not spiritually prepared will go mad at the passing of the days of Justice that are approaching. They will cry out for Mercy and forgiveness, but they will no longer be heard; their souls will be lost eternally.

Rebellious children, the thousandths of Mercy are running out and you continue in your disobedience and sin, which will lead you to eternal death! If you do not return to God as soon as possible and repent, I assure you that you will be eternally lost. What are you waiting for: adulterers, fornicators, lustful, impure, homosexuals, alcoholics, drug addicts, thieves, witches, liars, slanderers, sorcerers, mind readers, occultists in general and other sinners who roam this world without God and without law? What are you waiting for, to return to God? If you let the last thousandths of Mercy be exhaust, you run the risk of being eternally lost, because many of you, because of your wickedness and sin, will not resist the Warning of my Father.

Time is running out, do not be foolish! Repent and convert once and for all; make a good confession of life and turn away from the evil path. Do not continue committing your detestable actions, because the Divine Justice, if you do not repent, the payment you will be given, will be eternal death.

Come to Me, ungrateful sinners, I am your Mother too. You do not know how many tears I have shed for you and especially for all those who practice the occult. How much sorrow I feel in seeing you bind your brothers with your detestable occult practices, every work of occultism that you do, is like thorns with which you pierce my Heart and the Loving Heart of my Son. How we suffer in seeing you crucify your brothers; stop tormenting your brothers! If you repent from the heart and return to God, Heaven will rejoice and will make a banquet for your return; I encourage you, so that you may come out of the darkness and return to walk the path of Light and Love of God. My Father does not want your death, like prodigal children He is waiting for you, to welcome you as well; to forgive you and put new clothes on you and give you tomorrow the joy of eternal life.

Even if you have sold your soul to the master of darkness, you can repent from the heart, you can make a good confession and repair for your sins. I assure you that if you do so, my Father will have Mercy on you and will rescue you. Rush rebellious children, my Father is waiting for you with open arms; run to repent, to repair and to put your accounts in order, because the night is coming and with it God's Justice! Remember that to greater sin, greater Mercy, if you repent from the heart. Do not delay prodigal children, we are waiting for you, the table is already served and waiting for you.

Your Mother loves you, Mary the Sanctifier

Make my messages be known to all of humanity, beloved children of mine.

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