Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Thursday, November 22, 2018

Urgent Call from Jesus the Good Shepherd to His flock. Message to Enoch.

Plagues and vermin will come to invade the Earth.


Sheep of my Flock, my Peace be with you.

Herd of mine, the horseman of the plague, of war, of famine and of pest, is close to pouring out his cup upon the inhabitants of the Earth. Very soon your world will be invaded by millions of pest of all kind that will devour crops and will bring drought and famine. No pesticide or pest medicine can defeat them; only prayer, fasting, and the penance you do, will keep them away. The antidote against pest will be praise and supplication to God.

As at the times of Egypt, plagues and vermin will come to invade the Earth, this is another sign Heaven is sending you, waiting to see if this humanity reconsiders and returns to the love of God. For a time you are going to live with all kinds of pest, bugs and mosquitoes, which will be immune to your pesticides. The sin of this humanity, the abuse with chemicals and pesticides, coupled with the transformation of the creation, is what will awaken from the depths of the earth a variety of plagues and mosquitoes that have mutated, many of which you do not know.

My Father will allow the invasion of these plagues to soften the heart of this ungrateful and sinful humanity, who refuses to accept the existence of God. As the same as the Pharaoh of Egypt at the times of Moses, so it is this humanity of these end times: full of rebellion and pride. That is why my Father will send you the plagues so that you may know that He is He the Ruler of the Universe; that He is not a myth, nor a legend, nor imaginary, But the living God, who governs with Mercy, Justice and Wisdom, the creation and the creatures.

My flock, be prepared and do not despair when the horseman of the plague, the war, the famine and the plagues, pours his Cup upon the Earth. Unite in prayer and sing hymns of Praise to your Heavenly Father, that He may make those days more bearable to you. I therefore announce in advance the events that are about to arrive, so that you prepare yourselves and nothing catches you by surprise.

Sheep of my Flock, all the past returns and man does not learn from his mistakes that is why his history is called to repeat itself. God loves all His creatures, but He hates the sin of man; just as He loves you, He also corrects you, so that you make your path straight and resume the path of salvation. It is your sin to causes misfortune to you, it is you with your sin, to wake the Divine Justice up. Remember that God is Love and Mercy, more a Father than a Judge: He only operates with his Justice when all the mechanisms of reconciliation have been exhausted, as is the case of this ungrateful and sinful generation.

The scourge of plagues, mosquitoes and vermin, are a call for attention before the chastisement, to see if you wake up from your spiritual lethargy, stop breaking the Divine Precepts and take again the path of salvation. Reconsider humanity, Heaven is waiting for your conversion; get near as soon as possible to these last thousandths of Mercy, for my Father does not want your death, but that you live eternally.

My Peace I leave you, my Peace I give you. Repent and be converted, for the Kingdom of God is near.

I am your Teacher, Jesus the Good Shepherd.

Let my messages be known to all mankind, sheep of my Flock.”

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