Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Friday, December 7, 2018

Urgent call of Saint Michael the Archangel to the People of God. Message to Enoch.

The chastisement for the evil nations is approaching.


Who is Like God? Nobody is Like God

Give glory to the Most High, because Great is His Mercy.

Brethren, Heaven never tires to manifest itself to men, great manifestations are taking place in the heavens and on earth, waiting for this humanity to return to the Love of God and having not to know His Justice. The chastisement for the evil nations is approaching and these ones continue to break the Holy Precepts and to enact laws against nature. Unholy nations, very soon you are going to know the just Wrath of God, which will be unloaded on you with all of His Justice!

The sin of this humanity, brothers, has surpassed all limits; the blood of the innocents you vilely assassinate daily, cries for justice, the sins against nature that your legislators and rulers approve, are insults to the Love of God and they cry for justice The exploitation and injustice of your leaders towards the People of God also call for justice; all this together with the breaking of the Holy Precepts, is what will unleash the Just Wrath of God, against your evil nations. My Father will punish you severely and many of these sinful nations will be erased from the face of the earth.

Brothers, the arrival of the Warning has been accelerated by the existing evil and sin; be prepared God's People, because your passage through eternity is coming Millions of souls will be lost with the arrival of the Warning, for not being prepared; many are in mortal sin and will not resist the passage through eternity. Heaven is already prepared to receive souls; the Supreme Tribunal is ready and the Scale of the Divine Justice, awaits to weigh the works of this ungrateful humanity.

Poor of those who still do not wake up from their spiritual lethargy, because they are going to be caught by the Warning asleep and when they wake up, it will be too late for them! The awakening of consciences is a reality brothers; the Warning is not an invention or a created story to intimidate you; It is the last opportunity that God is giving you so that you may reconcile with Him, leave sin and thus, you may enjoy tomorrow the joy of eternal life.

Brethren, all the Children of God after the Warning, will have the seal of the Blood of the Divine Lamb on their foreheads, which will distinguish them in this world from the flock of the adversary. Many souls in mortal sin, for their wickedness and for the gravity of their sins, will not resist the Warning and will be lost eternally. There will be other souls who, being in mortal sin, will be given the opportunity to return, since their sins are not clothed with so much evil. Those souls will have to commit themselves before the Supreme Tribunal to leave sin and to return to God. All those who are in mortal sin, along with the lukewarm of hearts when the Warning comes, will be taken to hell. About the souls who will be given the opportunity to return, but will not change with the Miracle and who continue sinning, my Father will erase them from the face of the earth and they will be thrown into the eternal fire.

The souls that will be given this opportunity to change will not be marked with the Seal of the Blood of the Lamb. You will distinguish them from the adversary's flock, because they will come spiritually chained by their sins. In measure of their conversion the seal on their foreheads, they will appear and their chains of sin will disappear. Remember that all the People of God, after the Warning, will have the gifts and the charisma they need for the great spiritual battle. With these graces, you will be able to distinguish who is from God and who is not. You will easily recognize the flock of the adversary because of its darkness, blasphemy and hatred of God. The darkness of their eyes and their monstrous appearance will denounce them; it is the seal with which they will come to this world.

Thus be prepared flock of my Father, because your passage through eternity is coming. Be in grace of God, be alert and vigilant, so that when the Master knocks at the door of your soul, he finds you awake and you can walk with Him, to eternity. May the Peace of the Most High remain in the hearts of men of Good will.

Who is like God? Nobody is like God!

Your Brother and Servant, Michael the Archangel.

Brothers let my messages be known to all humanity.”

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