Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Thursday, December 27, 2018

Urgent call from Mary the Mystical Rose to the people of God. Message to Enoch.

The financial hecatomb is approaching.


Little Children of my Heart, the Peace of my Lord, be with you all.

Little ones, humanity does not know what is about to arrive, men continue in their daily life and in their worldly cares, worried only for things of this world. The tribulation is approaching and many will not be prepared to face it. Everything is about to change in the Creation; peace and tranquility are about to be lost, to give the way to chaos, affliction, scarcity, hunger, restlessness, insecurity, fear and all of the other human fears.

The welfare and false security given by money and by material things are about to roll on the ground; the vast majority of humanity that continues to turn its back on God, is going to destabilize and to become unprotected when his gods begin to fall. The tribulation that is approaching has never been seen before on Earth, and it will cause the worst nightmare for this ungrateful and sinful humanity. Poor souls, they put their faith, trust and hope, not in God, but in the material goods of this world and the tribulation will come and it will leave only material and spiritual ruin to them! The vanity of men will roll on the ground, when deprived of what gave them security. They will remain like dead alive and will realize that in losing their power and their money they will be left with only weakness and fragility, that is the essence of the human condition when you do not have God ahead of you.

Flock of my Son, the days of anguish are getting near, but do not be afraid; remember that Heaven will not forsake you, if your faith and trust are steadfast in God. They are coming little ones, the days of scarcity where you have to share everything with your brothers, so that united in faith and love, you can cope with those days of affliction that are approaching. Only if you stay together, you can pass the days of trial.

Little children, the financial hecatomb is approaching, the elites that govern this world will destabilize the world economy, to make the paper money fall and thus to begin the era of the Microchip, the mark of the beast. Remember my children that without the microchip, you will not be able to use your material goods, because very soon everything in this world will move with the mark of the beast. People of God, beware, you let them implant the Microchip, remember that this is the mark of the beast that we have announced for a long time; It is preferable to die and to lose everything than to be marked! The material passes and God will reward you tomorrow, but the Life of the Spirit, this one is lost forever if you let them put the mark on you.

My children, all those who allow to be implanted with the Microchip, will enjoy their material goods for the duration of the last reign of my adversary (1290 days). After they will know that eternal death awaits them in the depths of the abyss, where they shall be with their master for all eternity. All those who are not written in the Book of Life, will run to implant the Microchip in them; then you will know, flock of my Son, that these are not the sheep of the Good Shepherd's Fold. Then I announce to you my children, that it is all ready to begin the implantation of the mark of the beast, the Microchip, worldwide.

It is only needed the economy to fall, which is already planned by the elites, so that the paper money disappear and everything begins in this world to be handled with points. The Microchip will handle and control everything and those who do not have it implanted will be considered defectors; they will be persecuted, tortured, imprisoned and stripped of all their properties. Hard trial awaits you, little children, but do not fear, Heaven will protect, nourish and take care of you, if you will be steadfast and faithful to God. It will be three and a half years passing by like a dream, if your faith and trust are steadfast in my Lord. Perseverance united to the love of God and to the love of your brethren will be the strength that will carry you safely to the doors of the New Creation, where you will be awaiting the Crown of Life.

May the Peace of my Lord remain in you, my most beloved children.

Your Mother loves you, Mary the Mystical Rose.

Let my messages be known to all mankind, little children of my Heart.

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