Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Monday, October 21, 2019

Call of Mary Who Sanctifies to the people of God. Message to Enoch.

The god of money has its days numbered.


My children, the Peace of my Lord be with you all and my Love and Maternal Protection, always accompany you.

Little ones, days of anguish and restlessness are coming, very soon the humanity separated from God will fall into despair; the bad news will follow one after another and all those who live without God and without Law will go crazy. The world finds himself convulsed by revolts and internal conflicts in nations, which will be unleashed in chains.

Unemployment and lack of opportunity will spark conflicts in many nations, especially in the poorest ones. The chain migration of its inhabitants will awaken xenophobia in the countrymen of the most prosperous nations; and this will bring pain, death and misfortune to migrants. The economies of many nations have begun to weaken, the global economic crisis is approaching: millions of unemployed people are going to roam the streets searching for opportunities; many nations, because of the financial collapse, will go bankrupt. The economic crisis is going to affect all the nations, but in especial way the poorest ones.

Little children, the days of the world financial hecatomb are coming, the god dollar will begin its fall and its glorious days will come to their end. Very soon, my children, money will be rubbish, it will no longer serve to satisfy your needs; it will lose its purchasing power and its value, and it will roll to the ground. The economic crisis will drive many crazy, the god of money has its days numbered. The economic catastrophe will affect all of humanity; at that moment, all those who put their faith and trust in this idol, will see it fall like sandcastles.

Little children, only in God you have to put your faith, security and trust, for the idols of the earth. they are today and tomorrow they are gone; they are the work of man's hand and they have a beginning and an end, they are vanity of vanities. God alone is the only One who can give you security and help you overcome the trials. So, little ones, the fall of the economy at world level is approaching. Stand firm in the faith and confident in the Divine Mercy, so that you may overcome the days of economic crisis, without despair and without losing your mind.

My Children, pray for all the messengers of Heaven, because the emissaries at the service of my adversary, will undertake a campaign of scorn, defamation and slander, against them, in order to divide and to sow doubt and discord in the flock of my Son. Our messengers are going to be attacked, discredited and placed in the public gallows, this way you do not pay attention to these defamations and attacks. Support them with your prayers, fasting, and sacrifices, so that they may continue to carry the light of the Gospel of my Son, and continue to be a guide to the People of God in these times of so much spiritual darkness.

My little ones, the Warning is getting close, be prepared with your lamps lit with prayer, so that when the Master comes and knocks at the door of your soul, He finds you awake and ready and you be able to depart with Him to eternity.

That the Peace of the Most High remain in you.

Your Mother, Mary Who Sanctifies.

Make my messages and title known to the whole world, little children of my Heart.

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