Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Urgent call of God the Father to His falthful people. Message to Enoch.

A celestial body will touch the earth.


My people, my Inheritance, my Peace be with you.

Shema (Listen) Israel:

The rider of my Justice is already riding upon the earth and very soon, he will unload his cup, on its inhabitants. A celestial body will touch the earth and bring many misfortunes, by the clash of this fireball the days will be further shortened. The universe is in transformation and its turmoil will cause many wastes by cosmic explosions to enter the earth in the form of fireballs, ravaging your planet, punishing by my Will the ungodly nations.

The pains for humanity are about to begin, how sad I feel as a Father, in seeing that my days of Justice are approaching and the immense majority of humanity continue to be going asleep by sin and evil! The days of Justice are coming, take refuge in prayer; keep calm and do not lose faith, for the days of trial come close, where you will be tested like gold is tested in the fire. You will be distressed in all aspects of your life and if you are not prepared, you will succumb at the passage of the tribulations. Run, run, foolish ones to put your accounts in order, because your Master is about to knock at the door of your soul and to ask you for the balance of your life! I will arrive like a thief at night, that I may find you awake and with the lamps lit with prayer, so that you may be justified and have nothing to lament.

Woe mortals, who continue to turn your back and your face on Me, for I will do the same to you in the days of my Justice! You will be all like straws that will burn under the fire of my Just Wrath. Sinful humanity, you already touched the bottom. Who can be saved in the time of my Justice? Only the righteous ones and the clean of heart can be saved; only those who act righteously will be justified and these can be counted. The immense majority of this humanity that walks in sin and in wickedness will be erased in an instant and there will be no memory of it.

Time is running out race of snakes, go on in your crazy race of sin, you have almost reached the finish line, where the eternal death awaits you as a reward. The depths of the abyss await you, there, there will be the crying and grinding of reeth. This is the payment you will receive for all your sin, wickedness and injustice, with which you acted in this world.

My people, during the time of my Justice, praise the Glory of God, with chants and Psalms, do not panic. Prayer and praise will be your strength that will help you endure those days. Pray in chain with your brethren, that the power of prayer may mitigate the course of the events and all may be in accordance with my Holy and Divine Will. This time of purification is necessary to cut the chatt that is suffocating the good harvest; very soon my Angels will come to separate the wheat from the chaff. only the good harvest will enter my New Creation. New Heavens and New Earth will be the delight of my chosen People.

Remain in my Peace, my people, My Inheritance.

Your Father, Yahweh, the Lord of Creation.

Let my messages be known to alll mankind, People of mine.

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