Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Thursday, January 23, 2020

Call from Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament to His faithful people. Message to Enoch.

Natural disasters, drought, viruses and diseases, are about to unleash.


My Peace be with you, My children.

Beloved children, the time is getting shorter and shorter, days, months and years are passing by faster; The length of time is about to reach the 12-hour limit, and from that point going forward the time of My Justice will begin.

The fury of nature is about to awake and there will be no safe place in any corner of the earth; natural disasters, drought, viruses and diseases, are about to unleash and this humanity remains numbed by sin. Poor sinful humanity, if he does not wake up from his lethargy and returns to God as soon as possible, surely, he is going to be lost forever! The time of pain for humanity is beginning and there is already no turning back; bad news is about to start and following one after another; this humanity will not finish to get up that another calamity will be coming upon.

Signs and signals are becoming more noticeable in the whole Creation, Heaven is exhausting all resources to save the greatest number of souls, but this ungrateful humanity continues to turn its back on God's calls. My people, the days of the great trial are approaching, stand firm in the faith so that you may overcome them; your faith and trust in God will be tested; those will be days of despair where the enemy of your soul and its hosts of evil will prove you. You will cry out to Heaven and you will not find any answer, those will be days of spiritual aridity. In the passage through the desert you will be tempted and only those who persevere in the faith will be able to overcome the trial. Read my Holy Word, meditate it and record it both in your mind and in your heart, because it is a Sword of Double Blade, which will defend you from the temptation and the deception of the enemy of your soul.

My children, feed yourselves as much as you can of My Body and of My Blood, that you may be spiritually well strengthened so that you may withstand the days of trial that are coming. Take advantage of these days in which I am still in your midst, for the days where I will no longer be in My Tabernacles are approaching, and then you will say like Mary of Magdala: where have they taken the Body of my Lord?

My little ones, the persecutions of My Faithful People and the desecration to My Houses have already begun; signs that announce to you that the time of darkness has begun; therefore be alert and vigilant with your lamps lit with prayer, that you may light up the coming darkness. Remain in My Peace and in My Love and do not be afraid; I will not abandon you; My Mother will be the Tabernacle where you will meet Me in those days of darkness and spiritual aridity. That nothing and no one separate you from Me.

Remain in my Peace, Children of mine.

Your Beloved, Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

Let my messages be known to all mankind, Flock of Mine.

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