Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Sunday, March 15, 2020

Call of Jesus the Good Shepherd to His Flock. Message to Enoch.

Parish Sagrario of San Rafael - Chinu Córdoba - Colombia.


My Peace be with you, my faithful flock.

My Little Prophet, tell humanity and especially my faithful People, that for no reason the sacrilegious and demonic practice of the communion in the hand that Freemason wants to implant in my Church, has to be imposed arguing that it is done to prevent the spread of the virus that is affecting humanity. I repeat it to you: every communion in the hand is an affront to my Divinity which is alive and real, in the simplicity of a Consecrated Host. The ecclesiastical Freemasonry wants to take advantage of the Coronavirus pandemic, to force my Flock to receive communion, by holding Me in their hand.

Oh, how many particles of my Holy Host, get imbued in the hands of those who receive Me so unworthily; particles of my Divinity that fall to the ground and are then trampled on! Thousands of consecrated Hosts are being used in satanic rites and occult practices, with which they are tying up my Children and hurting my Church! Oh, how much sacrilege is being committed with the imposition of the communion in the hand! Wake up, my people, and raise your voice; do not be complicit in this vile outrage to my Divinity! Do not be silent and do not receive Me, my flock, in the hand, because you know that this detestable practice makes my Loving Heart bleed! Always receive me in your mouth and if it is possible for you on your knees, because this is how you must receive Your God.

I ask you my Children, to make reparation to Me for all the sacrilegious communions being committed by receiving Me in the hand. Say this: Oh, Body and Blood of the Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, I love you and ask you for forgiveness and mercy. I make reparation to you in union with the Blessed Virgin Mary and the whole Heavenly Court, for all the unworthy and sacrilegious communions, that are committed daily against your Holy Divinity. "Jesus and Mary, I love you, save souls".

My children, pray with the prayer of my Blood and Psalm 91, morning and night; extending them to your children and family members, and I assure you that no spirit of Plague or virus can harm you. My children, my Loving Heart is pierced with the thorns of sacrilegious communions. Heaven weeps with Me at such vile outrage; but hell and my adversary enjoy it and mock it because of the deception in which they have kept many of my Shepherds and Sheep of my Flock. Pray for the Shepherds of my Church and for my Priests, that the Light and the Wisdom of my Holy Spirit may guide and enlighten them and the sacrilegious practice of communion in the hand be abolished, which does so much harm to my Divinity.

May my Peace remain in you, my Beloved Flock.

Your Shepherd and Teacher, Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

Make my messages known to all mankind, my People.

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