Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Friday, March 27, 2020

Call from God the Father to His Faithful People. Message to Enoch

My Children, the Days of My Justice Are Already with You, and Many Will Be Lost, for Not Being Spiritually Prepared!


My people, My inheritance, Peace to you.

My children, the days of My Justice are already in your midst, and many will be lost, for not being spiritually prepared. Because of the existing evil and sin, which have suffocated My Creation, it is why I have accelerated all the events described in My Holy Word. Never before in My creation has there been so much evil and so much sin, as in this generation of recent times, which frightens even the hells themselves.

The days of tribulation have begun to come to humanity, but you, My people, do not fear or panic; May prayer, faith and trust in Me, your Father, be your strength to help you overcome the trials and tribulations that have begun to come to you. I am making a call to you, lukewarm and sinful humanity, with this little test of the Coronavirus, to see if you awaken and resume to the path of conversion as soon as possible. The pains for humanity are just beginning, what is still to come are the hardest tests; I tell you: you will only pass the tests if you are united with God.

Lukewarm and sinful humanity, I want you to awaken from your spiritual lethargy and return to Me, as soon as possible, so that you are spiritually strengthened; Only so, you can face the great tests that are to come. No more eagerness or worldly worries, the priority at this moment, must be the salvation of your soul. In fractions of a second everything will change and this world you know will pass. The security that the money god gives to many will soon fall; What will happen to mankind who has put their faith and trust in the gods of this world? Vanity of vanities, that is the gods of this world; All the idols and gods in which you have placed your faith and trust have already been numbered, weighed and measured and are about to roll to the ground.

Idolaters of the money god, your god is about to fall; All the wealth, comfort and false security of your idol is coming to an end! What will become of you who have put your faith and trust in this god? You will all be like straw that will burn as the fire of My Justice passes! Awake at once, ungrateful and sinful humanity; do not continue delaying your conversion, because the Riders of My Justice have already begun to pour their cups on the inhabitants of the earth! Groans and cries of anguish have already been heard and the tests are just beginning! What will be then, when the days of the great tribulation come? So reconsider and come back to Me as soon as possible, before night falls; because you well know that the night is the time of My great Justice where no one will listen to you anymore!

Your Father, Yahweh, Lord of Creation

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