Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Thursday, July 16, 2020

Call of the Virgin of Carmel to All Its Faithful Devotees. Message to Enoch

I, Your Mother of Carmel, Will Pay with Plenty Thanks and Blessings in This World and in Eternity, Everything You Do in Love for My Beloved Souls of the Purgatory!


My Children, the Peace of my Lord be with you and my Protection always accompany you

It is your Mother of Carmel who is addressing you today, through this my little instrument. Little ones, on this day of my feast I want to give a Special Plenary Indulgence, to my devotees and to all those who, in the Grace of God and with faith, pray my Holy Rosary and offer it for the eternal rest of souls and for the Pope. Indulgence that will erase their sins and shorten their stay in Purgatory, when they reach eternity.

Little children, I ask you to pray many rosaries on this day for the souls in Purgatory, because today I go down to this place in the company of Michael, to take many souls to heaven; to climb others to the first Purgatory and change places to many others so that they go up; To the souls in the third Purgatory, I will grant you a rest. I, your Mother of Carmel, will pay with abundant Graces and Blessings in this world and in eternity, for all that you do out of love for my Beloved souls in Purgatory.

Little ones, always carry with you my Scapular, hanging on your neck, because it is a powerful Armor of protection against the evil and the forces of evil. My blessed and exorcised Scapular is terror to demons; no soul will be condemned, no matter how great their sins, if they carry my scapular with them at the time of death. The protection of my Scapular will protect you in this world and in eternity, it will free you from eternal death; always take it with you and when you feel in danger say: "O Virgin of Carmel, may the power of your Holy Scapular take away from me the enemy of my soul; bless me Mother of Carmel and deliver me from all evil and danger in this world. I ask you, O Mother, that in the hour of my death, your Holy Scapular free me from the fury of the devil and in the eternity of eternal fire, Amen". My children, ask for my Holy Intercession in this my dedication to Carmel, so that you may be protected in this world from all calamity, disease, viruses, pandemics, evils and dangers; and in the eternity of hellfire. In this my dedication to Carmel, I protect all my devotees from condemnation. I offer you children, this prayer of protection, that you may do it in faith and be freed from all evil and danger.


(Dictated by the Virgen of Carmel for all its faithful and devotees)

Oh, Most Holy Virgin of Mount Carmel, may the protection of your Holy Scapular free me from all evil, danger, viruses, plagues, disease, and the lurking of the evil one. I come to you, oh sweetest Mother and I implore your Holy Protection, through your Scapular for me, my family and the whole world. May the power of your Scapular take away from us the enemy of the soul and humanity, from evil and sin. We consecrate ourselves and we consecrate the entire world to your Holy protection, dear mother. Oh, Virgen of Carmel; deliver us, save us, protect us and protect humanity from being lost forever. Holy Scapular of Our Mother of Carmel, protect us from all evil and danger; save us from viruses, pests, pandemics, calamities, disasters and prolonged illness. In the hour of death your protection will accompany us and free us from dying eternally. Virgin of Carmel, pray for us sinner, now and at the hour of our death. Amen (Pray Hail Mary and Glory)

Your Mother of Mount Carmel

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