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Monday, October 19, 2020

Call of Maria Rosa Mystica to the Lukewarm and Sinners. Message to Enoch

Little Children, Lukewarm and Sinful, Think About It Because the Days of the Great Tribulation Are Coming and if You Continue in Your Lukewarmness and Sin, You Will Not Resist the Passage of Divine Justice!


My Little Ones, the Peace of the Most High be with you all and my Motherly Protection be with you always

Little children, great trials are about to come, which will be the beginning of your purification; enjoy as a family the little time that still remains to you, because days of darkness, persecution and tribulation are coming, as never before seen in Creation. Millions of souls, because they are not prepared spiritually, are going to get lost as these days pass by; the tribulation coming to you is so great and painful that many will wish to be dead, before living those days.

Your material wealth will be of no use because all will lose its value and will roll on the ground. Only faith and trust in God will be your strength and security in that time of tribulation. Humanity far from God will go mad, desperate and aimlessly will march through the desert of purification, without any protection; disoriented and troubled, will it easily fall into the abyss. Woe to those lukewarm and sinful little children, because if they do not realize the Warning and Miracle, they will be lost eternally! So many calls, signs and manifestations from Heaven to be converted, but they do not want to hear the Voice of God. As Mother of Humanity, I will not get tired of interceding for these little souls, even knowing about their rebellion; Heaven suffers with me and is exhausting all resources to save the greatest number of souls, but this mankind of these last times is of hard neck.

Rebellious little children, Heaven does not want your death; why are you so foolish? If you do not repent quickly, you run the risk of getting lost eternally. The place that waits for you in the eternity to remain in tepidity and sin is hell, where the master of darkness will torment you without rest. If you knew, my children, the torment and sorrow of the damned souls, you would run to seek God with all your heart. Behold, my little children, lukewarm and rebellious, that time is no longer time, and that your souls are in grave danger of being lost through your lukewarmness and sin; you wander through this world, some in lukewarmness, and others in sin, not knowing that at any moment you may pass from this world into eternity. You forget that the line dividing life and death is so fragile and that every day that passes you are dying a little. You walk with death every day and in fractions of a second, you may lose your life.

Little children, lukewarm and sinful, think over because the days of the great tribulation are coming, and if you follow your lukewarm and sinful way, you will not resist the passage of the Divine Justice. Return to God as soon as possible, because your souls are in serious danger of being eternally lost; attend to the call of your Heavenly Mother and take again as soon as possible the path of salvation that will lead you to the Eternal Glory. Do not make me suffer more, because you are my little lukewarm and sinners, for whom I suffer and weep more. Awake then from your lukewarmness and sin and run to be reconciled with God, before the days of his Justice come.

May the Peace of my Lord remain in you, my Beloved Children

Your Mother, Maria Rosa Mystica

Make my messages known to all humanity, my little children

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