Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Sunday, December 13, 2020

Urgent Call of Jesus the High and Eternal Priest to the Shepherds of His Flock. Message to Enoch

Shepherds of My Flock, Open Again My Temples So That My Faithful People May Come to Worship Me; Do Not Be Guilty of Guilt, Playing the Game of the Enemies of My Church, So That You May Not Have Anything to Regret Tomorrow!


My children, My peace be with you

Shepherds of My Flock, sadness and loneliness overwhelm Me, seeing Me betrayed by many of you, who from within are destroying the faith of My People and My Church. As High and Eternal Priest, it hurts and saddens Me to see how many of My Priests and Ministers are sacrilegiously handing Me over to My People with the pretext, according to them, of avoiding contagion with a virus that is already more, a conspiracy and a direct attack on My Church to destroy it. The communion in the hand does not come from Me; it was introduced by the Ecclesiastical Masonry, through the so-called Master Plan, which has as its objective the destruction of My Church. This is the smoke of My adversary that infiltrated My Church, after the Second Vatican Council.

Favourite Sons, how sad I am to see that only in My Temples there is danger of contagion, according to many of you and according to enemies of My Church. In other activities of human life, there are crowds of people, with no detachment and minimum protocols, and there there is no danger of contagion; only in My Temples and religious activities there is censorship; in My Temples there are detachments and severity of protocols, and the saddest thing is to see how many of My Favored Ones remain silent by fear and allow so vile deceit and outrage to My Flock.

The Calvary of My Church has begun, tears of blood are streaming from My eyes as I see the betrayal, which I am receiving from many of My Shepherds who claim to be My relatives! The enemies of My Church conspire against her, and many of you cowardly keep silent; others with their attitude play along with the conspirators. If My Church goes on as it is, very soon My Holy Sacrifice will disappear; thus is fulfilled what is written in the Book of Daniel 12, 11 that speaks of the overwhelming desolation of the Temple.

Woe to those unfaithful Bishops and Priests, who, some by their dismissive attitude, and others by their lack of character, will allow the destruction of My Church; truly I tell you, they have already been paid! Remember what My Word says: Woe to the shepherds who allow My sheep to be lost and scattered! You have scattered My sheep, made them flee and have not cared for them. Well, I will take good care to punish their evil deeds. (Jeremiah 23. 1,2)

Today the enemies of My Church conspire against it, protected under the pretext of a pandemic and helped by many of My pastors who, with their attitude, are helping them to destroy the faith of My People. Many of My shepherds are closing My Temples and others are sacrilegiously distributing Me. The apostasy is increasing because of the attitude of many of My shepherds, who are scattering My sheep. Unfaithful shepherds, I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life! In every bloodless sacrifice of My Holy Mass, I am Alive and Real, spiritually in the midst of you and My People; then: if I am with you, who can be against you? The power of the prayer of My people does not contaminate, on the contrary, it heals and liberates; the faith and prayer of My faithful people is the best antidote against any virus or pandemic. Shepherds of My Flock, open again My Temples so that My faithful People may come to worship Me; do not become Guilty Pleasers, following the game of the enemies of My Church, so that you may have nothing to lament about tomorrow!

My peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you. Repent and be converted, for the kingdom of God is at hand

Your Jesus, Eternal High Priest

My children, make this message known in all My Houses

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