Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Urgent Call of Jesus in the Sacrament to His Faithful Children. Message to Enoch

Beloved Children, the Power of My Glorious Blood and Wounds is the Best Antidote Against Any Virus, Plague or Pandemic; Pray the Prayer of My Blood Morning and Night, Extending It to Your Children and Family Members; I Assure You That if You Pray It with Faith, No Virus, Plague or Pandemic Will Be Able to Harm You!


My Peace be with you, My Beloved Chidren

My children, days of anguish, desolation and famine are approaching; this humanity refuses to listen to Me, no matter how much I call it through My instruments to convert, it continues to turn its back on Me and not its face. My Warning is going to catch the immense majority unprepared; everything described in the Holy Word for this time is being fulfilled in its entirety; the time of My mercy is in countdown; only the arrival of the Warning and Miracle is lacking, to give way to My Justice.

The signs from Heaven have intensified, the transformation of creation is increasing, the heavenly apparitions and manifestations are taking place as never before seen on earth; signs and manifestations from Heaven calling humanity to conversion, but humanity continues to be spiritually lethargic. Poor lukewarm and sinful souls, they will be caught by My awakening of consciences in lukewarmness and sin, and they will not have time to convert!

Beloved Children, I feel more and more alone in My Tabernacles, very few come to visit Me, the same as always. The Love of Loves is about to depart, and what will become of you, sinful humanity, when the days of desolation and abomination of My Temples arrive, when I am profaned and expelled from My Houses and My daily worship is suspended because of desolation and abomination? I tell you, you will no longer find Me in My tabernacles to console you; despair will seize you, ungrateful and sinful humanity, and the master of darkness will steal your souls!

Conversion, conversion, urgent conversion, I ask you sinful humanity; wake up from your spiritual lethargy, because the days of My mercy are counting down! Remember; I do not want your death nor do I take pleasure in your suffering; My desire is that you repent and convert from the heart, so that tomorrow you may enjoy eternal life. Come and visit Me, ungrateful children, do not pass by My tabernacles, I have very little time left to stay with you. When My Temples are definitively closed by the pretext of pandemics, the sons of darkness in the service of My adversary, will destroy My Houses and profane My Tabernacles; the prophecy of Daniel, which speaks of this sad event, will then be fulfilled. (Daniel 12:11)

For three times and half a time, I will no longer be with you ungrateful children, but My faithful People will be able to find Me in My Mother, she will be the Tabernacle where I will remain in those days of desolation. Run, then, to bathe yourselves, sinful humanity, in the pool of forgiveness and mercy; seek as soon as possible one of My Priests and make a good confession of life; feed yourselves with My Body and Blood as much as you can; convert from the heart at the foot of My Tabernacle and I assure you that like the prodigal son, I will also make a banquet for your return.

My children, pay all your attention to what I am going to tell you through My Prophet Enoch: All those who through lack of knowledge, faith, or fear, were vaccinated and are sheep of My flock, I say to you, do not fear; for there is a hope for you; if you make My rosary of the precious blood and wounds together with My litanies of My blood in faith, as a novena and ask Me that My blood destroy the harmful effect of the vaccine in your body; I will deliver you by My mercy from its adverse effects and seal you with My blood.

Beloved children, the power of My Glorious Blood and Wounds, is the best antidote against any virus, plague or pandemic; make the prayer of My Blood morning and night, extensive to your children and relatives; I assure you that if you do it with faith, no virus, plague or pandemic, will be able to harm you.

My Peace I leave you, My Peace I give you. Repent and be converted, for the Kingdom of God is at hand.

Your Master, Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, the Beloved Who is not Beloved.

Make known, My children, My messages of salvation to all mankind.

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