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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Apparition and Message of Mary Most Holy on November 12, 2023 - Early Feast of Our Lady of Grace

Tell My Children That They Must All Have My Face in Their Homes







(Most Holy Mary): "My beloved son Marcos, I come again from Heaven today to tell you: Rejoice your heart because to you and in you I have given great things and in you I have done great things.

Yes, back in 1993 you were very worthy of Heaven and I gave it to you, you already had merits. How could I not give you the miracle of the candle flame* a year later, the miracle of the cross in the sky of the sun, dancing and pulsating?

And also, how could I not give the one who was already worthy of Heaven My Maternal Face, My true Face, so that all My children could contemplate My love not only for them, but also for you.

Yes, how... how could I not give to the one who was worthy of Heaven the Medal which, together with the Medal I gave to My daughter Catherine, forms the seal of the beginning and the end of My great and last manifestations? How could I not give it to someone who, at the age of 16, already had the merits to go to Heaven and was already very worthy of it?

How could I not give it to him and he was already very worthy of it? How could I not give him this Medal which is the terror of Satan and the demons? If My children's lives don't improve, it's not because the Medal of Peace has no effect or power. It's because they don't want to, because I can't help those who don't want to be bettered and who consciously prefer evil. So, My son, rejoice and exult in your heart.

You must now continue to spread the Medal that I have given you and you must also tell My children that they must all have My Face in their homes, that in the times of the Chastisement, especially the Three Days of Darkness, it will be as the blood of the Lamb was on the doorstep of the Israelites. Yes, the scourge will pass, but it will not harm you as long as you are in God's grace.

You must continue spreading My Medal of Peace to My children and the time has come for you to make reparation for My Miraculous Medal in the correct way, as I asked of My little daughter Catherine Laboure.

You must be the one to make this reparation, to repair this error made by men, by the men of the Church.

You must make amends and all My children will receive an even greater profusion of graces than they already receive through My Miraculous Medal.

Then My children will see, they will see the truth of My Apparitions to My daughter Catherine Laboure through you and they will truly give Me their hearts and receive from Me an inexhaustible stream of graces.

Yes, My son, thanks to the film you made of My Apparition to My daughter Catherine, My children now know My Medal, they know the messages I gave Catherine and they now know the path they must follow, which is the same path I took My daughter Catherine on: the path of prayer, sacrifice and penance.

Despite being in a desert, where there is no longer true faith, true love. Where corruption has eaten away at souls, where addictions are eating away at souls like a cancer... You must continue to be that voice in the desert that carries My maternal voice to all My children, so that they can see the path of conversion, do penance and save their souls.

You must make as soon as possible all the films of the Apparitions that I have commissioned so that My children can understand all My pain and also all My love for them.

My ray of light, everything you do is pure because your heart is candid and candor is what gives beauty, gives light, gives perfection to all things, to all works. It is the malice that comes out of people's hearts that contaminates their works, and that is why their works are displeasing in the eyes of the Father.

Continue to have this candid soul, which does everything with this virtue, with this supernatural love: which embellishes all things, which makes everything pure, everything beautiful, everything pleasing before God.

Continue to maintain the true Flame of Love for Me, a Flame that translates into works, it has always been in works in your life. And the works are before everyone and after these works no one, no one can close their heart and not accept the truth without committing a sin against the Holy Spirit.

The miracle of the candle flame* that I performed on your flesh, making you immune to pain and burning for several minutes? It is the great sign for the whole world, not only of the truth of My Apparitions here, but also of the immense love I have for you and of the virtue of candor that made everything, soul and body, also purified and exempt from pain and burning at that moment.

May My children all understand the truth and say yes to the truth of My presence here, because My love is what brought Me to the children.

And you, My ray of light, must continue to announce My messages to all My children, even if those closest to you put everything, everything, everything down, you must continue, because the number of the elect must be completed for the Triumph of My Heart to come.

Pray a lot, pray a lot, My ray of light, because you will still see many fall and you will feel the anguish that I myself feel when I see My children fall once and for all into Satan's clutches of their own free will.

So that you don't get discouraged, so that you don't get tired, you must look only at Me, think only of Me and of the graces I have given you. So that you can maintain peace, the health of your soul, your mind, your body, your heart, and nothing, nothing can bring you down.

Go ahead, you know what I want of you, fulfill part 16 of the plans that I have revealed to you as soon as possible, so that part of My plan can be fulfilled and I can crush the head of the infernal serpent.

Yes, to My daughter Catherine and to you I have manifested two medals and in both of them I crush the head of the serpent, I announce My triumph to the whole world. And I have made you two, Catherine and Marcos the living proofs, the ambassadors and heralds, the messengers and the living spokesmen for the triumph of My Heart.

Yes, in the end I will triumph, but only the candid will triumph, those who have My Flame of Love, those who have truly died to themselves and their own will for the world and live only thinking of God and doing everything only to serve and love God.

Yes, only those who live in God, are alive in God and dead to themselves and to the world will triumph with Me. So keep telling everyone to mortify themselves, to die to themselves every day and to live only for God.

Whoever does not crucify their will with Christ on the cross will not be able to rise to eternal life. Announce this to all My children and tell them to keep praying My Rosary, My Hour of Peace** every day, especially the Hour of Peace 97 so that peace can come to the whole world. That they pray the Rosary of Mercy meditated 118 three times and give it to three of My children who don't know it.

My child, My ray of light, this month there is so much to do, so do everything I have told you to do.

Now, you must do the two new Rosaries that are missing to complete a year of meditated Rosaries. When this happens, I will then have more power to trample on Satan's head, so do it for the Feast of My Immaculate Conception.

When you also complete the 200 Rosaries of Mercy meditated, you will give Me a certain power with which I will also be able to bring down to the ground a part of My enemy's plan, of his works.

So go ahead, My child, don't stop working for Me, take care of yourself, of the mission I have given you, forget about others, those who wanted to fall fell because they wanted to. Keep flying upwards to the place where I await you with love.

Tell My children that I love them, that I want the conversion of all, the salvation of all and that I do everything for the good of all, because a Mother does everything for her children.

Let them welcome My love, My Flame of Love, take My messages seriously, and then I will believe in them and give them the graces of My Heart. As for you, My ray of light, go forward, follow your path without looking at who falls behind.

And as for you, My son Carlos Tadeu, consider this. I gave you as a son a young man who, at 16, already had enough merits for Heaven. And to him, who already had enough merits for Heaven, I could not deny My maternal face.

Behold the son I have given you, contemplate this, see what the Mother of God has done on earth, and then rejoice and be glad. Just as I loved the one to whom I denied neither Heaven, nor My Maternal Face, nor the miraculous signs of November 7, 1994... So too, love the one whom I have loved so much, love with the same intensity as My love.

And so you will assimilate the Flame of Love that he has, you will unite, you will become one mystical Flame of Love in My Heart. And then I will be able to work in you resounding wonders similar to those I have worked in this son whom I have loved so much.

Go ahead, this is the marvel of divine love, Love has sent Me here to show everyone the loving Face of the Father who wants to save everyone through My ray of light. Behold this, My son Carlos Tadeu.

The one who already had the merits to go to Heaven and possess it at the age of 16, while all the other human beings were only looking for their personal and selfish interests and sins.

My spouse Joseph didn't deny anything to him either, He revealed His secret Sorrows, He revealed His Hour, He revealed His Most Loving Heart and the Medal of His Heart.

See this, contemplate this, and just as We love this son so much, to whom We deny nothing, love him too and deny him nothing as We never denied him.

And then you will truly have the same Flame of Love and I will be able to work the wonders of My Heart in you for the good of My children and the greater triumph of the Kingdom of God on Earth.

Go ahead My son Marcos, continue to be My ray of light on earth and show My children once again the miracle of the candle flame* that didn't burn your hand, so that those who still doubt can be freed from Satan's unwalled prison of unbelief, lack of faith, evil and sin.

And see the great light of My Heart that chose you, elected you and wanted you. And through you he has also loved and called all My children here to salvation. In 1993 you were ready and very worthy of Heaven.

I left you here all those years so that you could dedicate your life to saving My children. And whoever is docile and obedient to everything you tell them, they too will one day have the same bliss as you and will ascend to the heavenly abodes to sing with you forever the hymns of eternal love to the Lord.

I bless you and all My children: Pontmain, Lourdes and Jacareí."

"I am the Queen and Messenger of Peace! I have come from Heaven to bring peace to you!"

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Since February 7, 1991, the Blessed Mother of Jesus has been visiting the Brazilian land in the Apparitions of Jacareí, in the Paraíba Valley, and transmitting Her Messages of Love to the world through Her chosen one, Marcos Tadeu Teixeira. These celestial visits continue until today, know this beautiful story that began in 1991 and follow the requests that Heaven makes for our salvation...

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