Marian Revelations to Luz de Maria, Argentina


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Message from the Blessed Virgin Mary

To Her Beloved Daughter Luz De MarĂ­a.


Beloved children of My Immaculate Heart:


Your conscience must be bent by Heaven’s calls to man’s salvation, you must dominate your thoughts to live within My Son’s Commandments for those who belong to Him, the mind must not fly from flower to flower, but must settle upon the most pure flower, which remains present in the Tabernacle: My Son’s Body and Blood that await you every day as if it were the first time.

The conscience must be instructed by man in order to secure it in what is true, in what is eternal, in hope, in faith and in humility, in obedience and brotherhood. How many of My children maintain respectable work within the Church! Will this work remain so, outside the Church, serving with humility and love, charity and understanding towards your brothers and sisters?

Serving is not the same as being served, serving is not the same as distinction, serving is not to excel. These acts taken for personal gain, have been the ones to spoil the sense of neighborly love and of brotherly love. Humanity pours itself out in a current that emulates a tsunami, it tramples its brother and sister so as to maintain an outstanding place in the Church, forgetting that the Church is all of the Mystical Body, not only those that congregate.

My Son came to serve not to be served; He came to suffer, not to live in the midst of comforts and luxuries. My Son came for His children: the wayward, the poor, those who have been corrupted by drugs; He came for sinners, for the hungry, those hungry not only for Spiritual Bread, but for material bread.

Knowledge is not against the Christian’s being, since one cannot love whom one does not know.

As Mother of humanity, I continuously see the abuses against the gift of life, and My Heart aches because of it. I see the centers where you store nuclear energy with purposes of war and power…

Communism has been forgotten by man and this has allowed communism to invade. You suffer because of this in several countries and will suffer more because of this fact. Human dispersal and distraction favor the masks of those who seize humanity. Communism is a tentacle of the antichrist through which he has taken control of small countries so as to later achieve a single common front and dominate those who are weak.

In instants in which the global economy is collapses before man, man refuses to live without pleasures and luxuries. For this reason, he gives himself over to evil or despises the gift of life.

My Son wants faithful and decided children, brave warriors of love who do not fear being despised because of Him and that live with a willing commitment knowing that they dwell within an aimless society, enticed by what is malignant, easy and temporary.

Being unaware of the reality in which you live, the events take you by surprise. By not believing you discredit My Word, you distort it and mock it so as to continue with your evil behavior.

This is the Generation in which the very spawn of satan will flaunt his power and give man the bitterness of his own bad behavior to drink, subjecting him and chaining him to base instincts. This is the Generation that runs between false leaders and false prophets that deny Divine Justice so as to justify man’s sinful acts.

This is also the Generation that will discover great hidden secrets.

This is the Generation that will experience the Great Warning.

This is the Generation that My Son loves and that I will not abandon.

Beloved children of My Heart, My Word is Motherly and at the same time will guide you to understand the truth that has not been taught clearly, Truth that is a shield of protection and salvation for man.

The horsemen have ridden extensively over the Earth and the human eye, limited by man himself and his dark mind, has not been able to perceive them with his vision or his turbid spirit. Are these not the signs you expected? Are these not the men who do not fear and scorn what is Divine?

This is the generation that will suffer the great plague already announced by this, My faithful instrument.

This is the generation of changes. This is the instant of man’s ascension into reality, which in every instant has been before him and he has not seen it.

Yes, children, it is you who will experience the changes, opening thresholds of knowledge and you will live the time in which the wheat will be separated from the weeds.

This Generation is the one that has received the prophecies and nevertheless has not softened its heart. This is why only the Holy Remnant will be the one to ascend with a humble heart and a mind open to the Divine Word. You will be accompanied by your Heavenly Guardians to be protected by them.

No, beloved children, do not yield; remain alert with My Son present and alive in you, with the Rosary in your hand and your senses centered in the love of God and neighbor.

My beloved, let the yes of the one who says yes, be a yes... the no of the one who says no, be a no.

I come for My children to guide and lead them, to accompany them in their prayers.

Pray for Australia, it will suffer.

Pray for Europe, it will suffer.

Pray for Jamaica, it will need to be consoled.

Children, unite in a single praying voice.

I love you, I bless you.

Mother Mary



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