Marian Revelations to Luz de Maria, Argentina


Sunday, February 9, 2014

Revelations from Our Lord Jesus Christ

To His Beloved Daughter Luz De María.


Christ revealed these Words to me:

“Beloved daughter, what do you see?” I see you glorious, Christ.

“Now, what do you see?”…

I saw that in His right Hand he held humanity, and I saw a number of people turning their back to Christ. I saw that in His left Hand He held the Earth and next to humanity, I saw a great darkness that prevailed, and then I saw the Earth that had passed from the Palm of the Hand to Christ’s index Finger.

And Christ said to me:

“My beloved, humanity maintains a channel of vibration that it emits towards the Earth and the

Earth receives indifference from man. This brings disequilibrium within Creation, within the Universe upon the Earth, and the Earth is affected as part of this system.”

Then He led me to see how humanity sends to the Earth, something like a projection of humanity itself: its feeling, its acts and behavior, and these materialize into vibrations similar to those transmitted by the frequency waves for communications. And these waves, upon reaching the Earth, made it vibrate and the Earth moved. The waters overflowed onto the coast and the sun and the moon no longer shone, for the Earth oscillated.

Thereupon, before this Vision that shakes me, He said to me:

“Tell My children: all My children perceive Me with the vision of the soul; some perceive Me in truth and others distort Me. In some of My children intellectuality prevails and they limit themselves to see and perceive Me; others, because of the egoism that reigns in them, place a tether between their senses and intellectuality that do not separate and they remain in reason, dying every instant without allowing themselves to know Me. And they turn their back to Me because they find their answers in science, in technology, in their personal deductions and they hide from My Love, creating their own rules to excuse themselves before their brothers and sisters when they ask them about Me. Men: My children, do not see Me nor are they able to see the reality in which they live, due to the fact that their conscience remains totally turbulent, agitated by what they want egotistically for themselves. Personal tastes keep them in constant critique of others, anger projects forth from them when those around them are not as they desire. They are irritable and susceptible in everything and towards everything. That is why they are not able to be conscious of the reality in which they live and remain blind to what is outside of their reach. These people do not see Me, nor do they see the reality of this instant, which is the decisive instant, before they face themselves.”

“Tell them, My beloved, that when reason is quieted to return to My Truth, the mind is purified, thus likewise the heart and the senses. I offer to man the blessing of reasoning to free the soul from its bindings. Purified reason is wisdom and it gives a person a pure heart. I avail Myself of these people of pure heart so that they go along sharing on the way My Word and My Revelations, necessary so that humanity hears, sees and feels in its interior, the anxiety and need with which it constantly lives for being outside of Me.

“Tell them, My beloved, that souls choose freely, and that this Christ is in need of the full conscience of those who call themselves My children, My followers, My disciples, My chosen ones, My priests, My consecrated ones...I am in need of all of them to awaken consciences and hearts drowsy from indifference and hardened by the ups and downs of bad behavior, on occasion by omission and in others, out of personal convenience.”

The Divine Teacher continued to speak to me:

“Beloved, it is not the times that mark the events, but the events that signal the future, and in this humanity has been a maker of its own destiny, to which humanity itself has clung to in its foolishness and lack of humility. Announce to them that I come with an iron rod to separate the wheat from the chaff, in instants in which the chaff is abundant and man’s vision does not allow him to see with clarity before the dense matter that surrounds him, preventing him from even perceiving My Presence.

My true children emit peace, inspire peace and exhale peace. Some men have called themselves mediators or envoys of peace before humanity and, not accomplishing their objective before men, make clear they are only one more of the prevailing misery. Until, -- I repeat -- until avarice has been eradicated from the ego, until then… unity will allow for the human being to recognize itself as My child, for before Me, all are My children. It is the human being who has created divisions and thus in this instant whispers of war are heard, until they cease to be whispers and war spread throughout humanity in the blink of an eye.”

“My beloved, you know of My Omnipotence, I have shown you how Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed for their perversity and how My House acted upon them. If it were My Will, I would destroy this Planet in a second. Ah…! But My Love and My Patience are My Perfection that is why I leave man’s own destiny in the hands of man and of his free will, not without first warning them about the calamities that will reach humanity due to the insanity and rebelliousness of this generation without precedents.”

Christ has asked of Me:

“Speak to them of how much I have waited for them, of My thirst for souls and of My desire for every human being to be conscious of the responsibility of winning over souls. Speak to them of the awareness they must maintain to act and work for peace. Tell them, My beloved, how much I faced injustice, slander, offenses and repudiation even from those of My family by blood. Tell them not to fear because I will arrive to help those who suffer because of Me, tell those who persevere, that for the majority I am a Mystery, but for those who persevere, I am the Mystery of Love unveiled in their soul. Remind them that My Kingdom remains before each one of you and that to man I have given the blessing of discovering it. I am within and outside each one of you, I show myself to whoever seeks Me with awareness of who I Am, and the one who rejects Me and does not seek Me hides Me from himself. You are My light, all are My light; I am present in everything, but you live so dispersed in what is worldly and in your false gods, that I speak to you and your ears do not hear Me… I am air, fire, earth, water, but man’s unconsciousness underestimates Me and does not give Me the glory that they should give Me.”

Christ continues to tell me:

“Beloved, you see Me, you recognize Me and know that I teach you Truths, not so that you hide them but so that you share them with your brothers and sisters. You know that I am more than a blind belief, I am freedom so that you love Me without narrowness, so that you love Me because you know Me and relate to Me, in My Love.”

“Speak to them of My sufferings for human disobediences and rebellions. Tell them that Creation has been the great gift from My Father to the human being… but you have deformed it and it wants to return to its state in My Father’s Will. Due to that, the Earth will renew itself and in this renewal of itself, humanity like previous generations, will bring upon itself the pain, the tragedy, the anguish and the lament of the disobedience towards Our Divinity, all of it fruit of the ill-use of human freedom and the unmeasured use of ill-used science. Share with them that you have seen Brazil devastated by seawater, among other nations. Speak to them of the pain, of the suffering of the United States, tell them that the alliances will be broken. Tell them of My Church and of its purification and of the suffering of all Nations. Assure them that I come for My children; My legions will announce My coming and those who are Mine will receive Me joyously. With pain I will see those who have scorned Me: they will seek to hide their face from My Presence. Within human freedom every human being will have chosen good or evil. Share with them of My proximity to man’s conscience, of each one in particular. Speak to them of the rivers of blood that will be scattered throughout the Earth, before a man of science that with full awareness created the destruction of mankind, challenging Me, and in his madness, will lead every creature on the face of the Earth to suffer.

I Am not implacable, I have waited for men to awaken; My Love is infinite, as My Justice is infinite. Humanity has rushed upon My Justice and you quicken upon darkness with evil works, you scrutinize My Words to seek darkness, and in spite of My Light being so great, you are blinded by your won egoism.”

“My beloved, tell your brothers and sisters that I wait for them with Eternal Love. My Love does not discard you like in the laboratories do the embryos. I AM WHO AM, ETERNAL, BEGINNING AND END. Tell them that I wait for them in the Tabernacle, tell them to come to Me without fears, but with the truth, without dissimulations. Tell them that in every Consecrated Host I am present. I am the food of the soul and of the spirit forever and ever. Tell them I Am Bread of Unity for all those who want to live conscious of the need of My Presence in each one of those who are Mine. I LOVE YOU, TELL THEM THAT I LOVE THEM. YOU SAY IT.”


Brothers and sisters:

Being faithful to the Word I receive from Christ, I have shared what is His Divine Will. Amen.


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