Marian Revelations to Luz de Maria, Argentina


Monday, March 10, 2014

Dialogue Between the Blessed Virgin Mary

And Her Beloved Daughter Luz De MarĂ­a.


Mary Most Holy:

Beloved daughter of My Immaculate Heart, tell My beloved children:


I am convoking My Son’s People to be part of the awakening of the human being’s conscience. In this instant, the conscience is unknown by man, since he has annulled his own conscience.

My beloved daughter, do you know how much I suffer for those who are foolish and do not listen to My Son’s Calls and My calls?

Luz de MarĂ­a:

Mother, although You have shown me Your suffering and my heart is part of Your pain, I know very well that I will not reach that same suffering… How much you suffer, Mother! Your suffering goes even further…

Mary Most Holy:

I suffer even the unspeakable when I see souls fall into the abysses of evil, I know that satan’s subtlety and his minions are not perceived by man and due to this, man falls time and time again into the same mistake. Man knows he must not commit the mistake, but he does not obey his conscience; he has been drying it up bit by bit so as not to feel remorse.

The man of this present instant has been dehumanizing himself; in his place is a man who is technological even in his feelings, he does not allow himself to feel and when he perceives that he is feeling more than he would like, he stops himself as if he were turning off an electronic device.

How it hurts Me to see those who continually fall into the same mistakes, failing time and time again! And in this instant, satan takes care of keeping My children with values that are mistaken, very very mistaken, totally worldly and separated from My Son, thus being easy prey of the enemy of the soul.

My daughter, My Heart suffers for those who, having My Word in their hands, have discarded it, and even more than discard it, have mocked and denied it. Do you know what the man of this instant will suffer?

Luz de MarĂ­a:

Much, Mother, much, but better You tell me…

Mary Most Holy:

The man of this instant will suffer the unspeakable because of his own errors, which have come out to meet him on his path so that man is purified by all that which he omitted.

My Son gave Himself for all, without exceptions; but in this instant, it seems to man that Salvation hangs on those who have some leadership in the world and not on the fulfillment of the Trinitarian Will, or on the fulfillment of the Commandments, or on the fulfillment of the Beatitudes, or on the fulfillment of the Sacraments My Son instituted. This very subtle plan has been finely spun by satan for the good of the antichrist who is not far from this generation.

Men sink more every day in the delight of denying My Son and this Mother more and more, and they do not seek reconciliation. And Eternal Life is not bought with money, is not bought with titles, or with human distinctions, or with powers bestowed by men. Eternal Life is merited by working and acting in the Trinitarian Will, being one with My Son, being mirrors of My Son, being conscious that Salvation is personal; but at the same time, by being personal, it obligates each one of you to fight for the Salvation of your brothers and sisters and bring them out of the ignorance in which they live.

I grieve, yes, but even in the midst of My pain, My Heart does not cease beating continually seeking you, because I am a Mother who does not accept rejections and the one who denies Me the most, that one I seek even more to bring him closer to My Son. I seek those who, like wolves dressed as meek sheep, have as their aim to provoke division in My Son’s church, division between brothers and sisters, and with this: the Great Schism that I have announced.

My beloved: how do you think the man who loves My Son in spirit and truth must be and must act?

Luz de MarĂ­a:

I think, Mother, that he should be a man of Faith, firm, willing and dedicated.

Mary Most Holy:

It is so, My beloved one: a man with unshakable Faith, born from a personal encounter with My Son; not from what they tell him Faith is, but from what he has been able to experience in himself. And that encounter, that person experience with My Son, has been lost. Daily activities do not leave room even an instant of the day to achieve a personal encounter with My Son, and those who do achieve it, keep it for themselves. I should call them egoists!

In this instant and before the bitterness of what is coming, each one of you that achieves that personal encounter with My Son, must be a soldier that marches totally dedicated to sharing with his or her brothers and sisters that Christ who waits for them, who loves; that Christ who loves them and does not tire of loving.

Some of those who are Mine have that personal encounter with My Son, but they are people who are embarrassed to confess it in front of others so as not to be seen as strange; and then, the fruits that the Holy Spirit poured over that person, wither and end up dying perhaps in the solitude of a bedroom or perhaps before My Son in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar, by not giving to the hungry the Divine Bread of the Word. And you must understand that not all have the same mission but all are obligated as children of My Divine Son, to bring the knowledge you are acquiring and share it with your brothers and sisters to awaken this human generation.

Beloved, My beloved one, how do you see this humanity?

Luz de MarĂ­a:

Mother, I feel it is so miserable because of all that which distances it from Our Christ, I feel it is spiritually anemic because it no longer even thirsts for the Divine Word, only a few people, and those people, on occasion…., keep so much human respect!

Mary Most Holy:

My beloved, human respect must be kept, but not when it has to do with Salvation, not when it has to do with sharing and bringing My Son’s true Word; not when it is about being spiritually firm…

Remember, daughter, that the Good Thief, in the final instant, recognized Christ, the Son of God, in My

Son… and because of that he won Eternal Life, and in this instant, each one of My children can be that Good Thief who recognizes My Son and dedicates himself to live in His Will and with his works and his actions, win Eternal Life… and so will receive the same payment.

My children must be praying souls, prayer sublimates the soul and the spirit, and it is good that you pray to My Son because each prayer is incense that reaches The Throne, but after prayer, I urgently need you to go out as spiritual warriors to win souls, to knock on doors, to walk, to be action, because while the enemy amuses himself and rejoices seeing how souls fall into his traps, My children sleep in lethargy… and you must wake up.

People of My Son, you must become aware of all that invades you in this instant, you must awaken spiritually, and you must also awaken in other aspects, such as that regarding food, you must be conscious that they are killing you day to day, the Temple of the Holy Spirit is being invaded by all the unknown diseases, and these diseases that you suffer now are caused by contaminated food that you ingest. The Earth is completely sick… and you feed yourselves with sick fruits, serious consequence of the abuse of man towards Creation that the Father bequeathed to you, you ingest adulterated foods and do not worry about it.

You live in a constant contamination of your thoughts and mind in your homes and outside your homes, because I turn My gaze towards the Earth and only see bodies that wander and are all manipulated by the technology they carry in their hands, they walk with a heart hardened by violence. Families no longer share as in the past, families now live in a house, under a same roof but they do not live together and do not converse, they are total strangers, and when they are not using technology in their own hands, they have their children watch television so that they entertain themselves with games totally satanized far from My Son’s Love and thus they allow childhood to continue to plow and sow violence continually. Parents are not respected by their children, instead parents fear their children because the children have acquired violence so extreme through video games that the personality of the child dismay the parents.

I suffer before a human generation lacking a conscience, that executes instant to instant the most grave sin, because it is directly against the greatest Gift that My Son bequeaths to you: the Gift of Life. This sin is abortion.

Beloved daughter, do you know how I feel and hear the groans of a child when he or she is going to be aborted?

Luz de MarĂ­a:

Mother, I can imagine, and it terrifies me.

Mary Most Holy:

That’s it daughter, it terrifies, abortion must terrify man, but in this instant it does not terrify him because man has banished his conscience, and not possessing a conscience, he knows not how to think, knows not how to act, but this does not excuse the act. In this instant, the man without feelings grieves me, the man without love who denies himself the ability to know the Gift of Love and the Gift of Life, the greatest Gift that was given to man. And small bodies lie in the garbage collectors of the streets or thrown away in the middle of vacant lots, innocents to whom I immediately send My Legions to gather and bring to My Presence so as to give them to My Son. My Angels weep for this unspeakable and despicable act of man, it is humanity’s greatest act of cowardice.

And still you do not understand that the antichrist is leading this generation to commit the most horrifying sins that man can commit. Should all this not be purified before all are lost? Man feels so superior to My Son that he does not accept a Purification…, well it is not so My children! Those who do not recognize My Son, those who kill innocents, those who abuse of innocents, those who slander My true instruments, those who utter inappropriate words to My priests who truly adhere to My Son’s Word, those who profane My Son’s Body, those who mock His Word and mock Mine, among other aspects, those… with horror and terror will lament and fall upon their knees raising their hands towards Heaven crying out for mercy, they will feel they have scorned Divine Mercy and that this is the instant of Divine Justice, it is the instant in which My Son comes with His Strong Arm. But even so, My Son, loving you so much, has not wanted to execute Justice Himself and has delegated to Creation, to the Cosmos and the Universe, to execute Divine Justice because the entire Cosmos, the Universe and all of Nature live in concordance with the Divine Will. So will it be that man will be greatly tried, and with it, he will suffer not only in body but in mind, and he will suffer in his very spirit, when he finds himself totally helpless before the forces of what has been creation of the Father.

My beloved, I invite you to remain expectant, without sleeping, with the lamps lit and I call you to fervently pray for all the leaders of the Nations that have decided to every day be the scourge of the People and fill their coffers with money stained with the blood of innocents. I call you to pray for those leaders who have decided to be part of the extermination of humanity.

I have called you so much to rise and to not allow nuclear energy in your countries! …and along with the denial of My Supplications, you have looked with scorn at My Calls. In this instant you will suffer the consequences, you will lament but it will be too late to stop the minds seized by satan.

Pray, children, because the volcanoes will let the ardor they contain within emerge from themselves. Pray for El Salvador, pray for Ecuador, pray for Mexico.

My beloved, the Earth groans continually and you do not stop to think about Her, that is why the Earth that has cradled, you, will shake greatly so that you look at Her again.

Pray for New Zealand, it will be shaken;

pray for Japan, it will be shaken again; pray for the United States.

My beloved, how the Earth has been contaminated and how man is contaminated! My beloved land of Argentina will experience great sufferings, sufferings that Nature has poured out and will continue to pour out upon this earth, as well as events generated by man himself, who is exhausted before the abuse of the powerful.

Pray for Argentina.

It is soon…, the instant will reach its summit and My Son will send His Divine Help from on high for all of humanity, the Heavenly Hosts will descend and every man that exists upon the Earth will know of them, of My Envoys, because they will not do it silently, they will be seen by all men so that they become aware that the instant is soon and alongside My Legions, a person will bring you Heavenly Mana.

My beloved, so much I must communicate to man and alert him at the same time so that he does not succumb/yield before the falsehoods of new doctrinal ideologies that lead you to fall into sin! You know, daughter, how I wish every human being would listen to Me!

Luz de MarĂ­a:

Yes, Mother, I understand you because I want that as well.

Mary Most Holy:

But the time of lament will arrive, daughter, the instant of lament and then they will call Me Mother and I will continue being a Mother and loving them, but the executioners of Divine Justice will already be in the midst of humanity, and I, as the First Disciple of My Son, will have to wait for that Divine Justice to be exercised, without ceasing to love them because of it, but it is necessary.

To all My children, those who deepen in these Divine Calls of My Son: look at Me heartbroken! … I can call these Calls of a Mother who fights to rescue the Faithful “agonizing”! …

To you, to you whom much is given, much is asked of you in this instant: evangelize, evangelize, evangelize with the Truth.

Tell your brothers and sisters, beloved daughter, that I bless them and that I place My Maternal Mantle of protection over all those who, obedient to the Divine Will, are repeaters of the Voice of warning to your brothers and sisters.

The instant has ceased to be an instant…

I bless you, I love you, My Heart beats for each one of you.




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