Marian Revelations to Luz de Maria, Argentina


Sunday, April 2, 2017

Divine Confidences of Our Lord Jesus Christ


I met with my beloved Christ, and looking at me straight in my eyes, he says:

My Beloved: look inside man ...

Next, we see a man and Christ tells me: "See how man is instantly distracted, see how in the space of an instant the feelings go from love to hatred, from respect to disrespect, from kindness to making demands, being prey to a great weakness in his soul. Man is growing weaker more frequently, not only physically but inwardly. At anything even slightly unexpected, man makes his weaknesses come out."

With great attention I watched that creature and his movements, I was seeing his feelings and how, depending on the feelings, everything in the man was changing unexpectedly. Suddenly, that man walks towards his son, and on meeting his son, insults him verbally, and the son is about to respond to the father ... Christ intervenes and says to the son: BLESS YOUR FATHER, EMBRACE HIM AND GO IN PEACE, KEEP IN MIND THAT YOU MUST NOT KILL ANY HUMAN CREATURE, NEITHER IN THOUGHT, NOR WITH THE TONGUE, NOR WITH FEELINGS, NOR IN THOUGHT. The son went ahead as Christ inspired him to do, and the father, in consternation and shame, was left speechless; in astonishment, he looked at his son who was leaving, and tears came from the man's eyes.

Christ says to me: "Do you know, beloved, how many times this scene repeats itself during the day? Many, at every instant. And how many human creatures react like that young man? I can tell you that almost nobody, not even those who feel most close to Me.

HOW MUCH I HAVE PREACHED ON THE LAW OF LOVE! And the world does not know it because man acts based on his immediate feelings and impulses.

Suddenly another man appears; he seems to be someone who has great peace, for his serene face, his way of walking exudes peace. Christ says to me: "What do you think, beloved?" And I answer him: "he has a great peace".

Suddenly there is a different scene: the man is walking quietly, but next to him there appears another man who talks to him, they continue walking and talking until something the other man mentioned was not to the liking of the one walking in apparent peace. His face became disfigured and his voice changed, even his expressions were different. Christ tells me: "Beloved, now you will see what only I know and what makes a complete rag out of a creature that draws near to Me ..."

I see the man lost in total emotional paralysis, down in a hole from which he cannot get out. A dark cloud envelops his heart, brain, thinking, going through his entire spiritual and physical body. The organs of the digestive system are stained dark blue and bile rises up as if wanting to take a route that is not the normal one. Christ tells me: "look at the great interference of feelings within man. My obduracy is not obduracy folly; it is My desire for Humanity to overcome being rooted in what is immediate.


LIFE AND ORDER. THUS YOU, CHILDREN, NEED TO LIVE WITH THE THIRST FOR TRANSCENDING TOWARDS WHAT IS SPIRITUAL SO THAT LIFE ACQUIRES VALUE, BEAUTY AND CONTROL. My Love organizes, harmonizes so that works and actions be a testimony of what each human creature truly is.

As with the men mentioned, feelings betray them because of the predominance of their "ego" and a constant minimizing of what is spiritual, leaving exposed the world in which each person truly moves.

My love is ascent, and whoever ascends does not walk alone but in unity, in community, in order to learn and to understand yourself not on your own but united to your neighbour.

I have called you to live in Me in order that you act as I acted, not in repetition of My actions, but in living out My actions. Take, feed on, live out, express the inner change that takes you back up to the heights of My Love, without which you will not be able to be better human creatures, more genuine, not a copy of a series of actions that minimize what you are: THE GREAT WORK OF LOVE.

Christ puts before me some people with great differences: one is thick, one tall, another extremely thin, another very short in stature, and another pale, sick or dying.

All these people are different, but equal in one respect: none of them wants to look at Christ. He speaks to them and they turn their eyes. I look at the man who is physically dying and ask him to look at Christ, but he refuses to do so, does not want to, and instead anger seizes him. And Christ asks me: "My beloved: what do you see in them that is similar?" And I answer immediately: "They do not want to look at You or know about You", and Christ tells me: "What they have in common is not what jumps out at you, but what they keep hidden in the depths of their hearts."

Christ tells me: "The person of short stature wants to be tall in order to stand out among everyone else, s/he is not satisfied with what s/he has. This human creature rummages through everything to find out what is happening, raises its voice to be heard, but is empty inside, its heart burns with pride and envy, it says it lives spiritually, but it does not know Me.

The person of great stature wants to keep control of everything happening around him.

His presence makes him stand out, but that is not enough, he wants more and more. He lives his brothers and sisters, not because he loves them but to feed on criticism; his heart burns with pride and envy, it seems that he prays at all times, but this is not the case, he rises and falls, he does not know Me.

The creature that gives the impression of being sick is not sick in its body but in its spirit. It does not know fraternity, charity, its heart does not live in compassion but in self-pity, this does not allow it to experience the pain of its brother or sister.

It lives in pride, in envy, its heart is empty of affections, loneliness gnaws at its soul. When it tries to enter into Me, immediately its mind flies off and is not stilled, it does not retain Me within it.

Man's disorder, disordered love, self-pity, lack of charity, a hardened heart, make everything around him disordered. These creatures that I have mentioned exude something particular: individualism, a lack of love, indifference, loneliness, that which is common to what is worldly, and they are in danger of turning away from Me completely, due to the individualism that prevails in them.

My children are one together, they maintain a great awareness that they are part of the great Universe and the responsibility of this causes them to live in Me what they wish for their brothers and sisters.

Emotions are not evil, but they are those which create disorder and cause man not to be part of My Love or all that IT contains are evil. My Love does not create disorder, My Love is light, not shadow, My Love is charity, not rancour, My Love is hope, not discouragement. My Love is everything.

Beloved, at this instant there is something that is attaching itself to all people, and only a few know how to face it - something that constantly breaks out within the established order and leads to chaos: ANGER.

Desire, ownership, status, misunderstanding, the lack of love, ignorance are part of why violence has arisen and is part of the human being's daily life.


Violence is not something that man has from birth; violence is learnt while growing up, in the environment in which you develop, and sometimes violence is contagious by unbalanced, weak-willed creatures, those who are like the weathervane of a boat.

Each of My children should be a bearer of Peace, a sower of My Love, they should share Charity with their brothers and sisters so that My Attributes be received by all My children.


Mentioning this, Christ tells me:

When the creature keeps everything ordered in My Will, its action is related to Me and I rejoice in it. But this generation, which has given itself over to the madness of evil and usurped the most frigid states of spiritual relationship with Our House, has fallen into the greatest baseness and has reduced itself. It has taken anger as revenge, as a form of punishment by some towards others. It has introduced feelings of resentment, betrayal, and fury as normal, and this no longer deters those who wish to act brutally, intensifying Humanity's state of lovelessness and causing damage to itself.

Evil has been present pursuing man in order to bring him down as low as it can. You should keep in mind that evil has no compassion, it drags those of whom it takes hold far away from Me.


I bless you.

Your Jesus.


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