Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Jesus speaks in Lourdes in Cosmas and Damiano, Church of the Germans, through Anne.


Jesus says to a father through Anne: "Will you also go?

He listened to Jesus He has been touched by Him.

Dearest Saviour, speak words of love, speak that love be poured out upon us and that You, Holy God, be satisfied again in Your Church, in Your that You have given us.

Jesus now says: I, Jesus Christ, speak now at this moment through My willing, obedient and humble instrument Anne. She lies in my truth. She does not speak her words, I speak these words, which lie in the truth.

My beloved children, stay in serenity and calm. Do not blame anyone. I, Jesus Christ, am love and love is the greatest. I want to pour this love into your hearts so that you can find this love there. I will fill your heart every little corner.

Call your Heavenly Mother again and again. She is your mother whom I have given you under the cross. And this mother is waiting for you. I, too, your dearest Jesus Christ, am waiting for your love. You do not often tell Me that you love Me.

Come to My Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. Speak to me there. Do not always say prayers, but pay attention to your hearts. There I will speak, just as I speak now: In simple words.

I love you, My children. I love My sons of priests and that is why I ask you, My beloved children, pray that they may again turn back to My Blessed Sacrament, that they may again believe in My presence, for I am Love and I pour this Love deep into your hearts. Have confidence. Trust deeply and blindly, even when you see nothing, My children. Believe in my presence at all times of the day. I am always among you. Not for a moment do I leave your side.

I, My children, want to bless you, now in this moment and continue to radiate this love in your hearts, that it may be spread over you and over this place of prayer, over this shrine, which is My shrine, through My Heavenly Mother and your Mother.

Bless you the Triune God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Love one another as I have loved you and pass on this love. Amen.