Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Friday, February 6, 2015

Call of Jesus Eucharistic to His Flock.

The Indecent Styles of Dress Crucify Me and Grieve My Merciful Heart!


Peace to you, my flock.

The indecent styles of dress crucify me and grieve my merciful heart! Oh woman, do not enter into my house sporting attire that provokes desire and passion in men; your clothes are so tailored that they leave in plain sight all your human anatomy and are disrespectful of my divinity. What sorrow it produces in me to see so many young ladies lost in lust and in their base instincts, exhibiting their bodies and provoking sexual desires in men! They have no modesty, nor have they any respect for themselves, they make themselves the object of impure eyes and cause many to sin with their eyes. My word says it well: anyone who looks at a woman with evil desire already has committed adultery with her in his heart (Matthew 5:28). And you are the instruments that draw into sin.

Cheeky tramps: respect my house, which is a house of prayer! Do not come to my house bedecked in such styles of sin, you forget that I am alive and real in the silence of each tabernacle; I am watching you and you have no idea what I suffer on account of your unrestraint.

You come to Me to ask me to help you, but don’t realize that you are offending me with your indecent clothing that leave uncovered many of your intimate parts.

What shamelessness, cover first your nakedness before coming to Me! Why do you treat me so, as if I were not your God, but someone else to seduce? How insolent you are! Respect me and respect my sacred places! Desecraters: get away from Me and from my houses, you are not of my flock! If you were, you would know that I am your Shepherd and your God, and you would cover up your nakedness.

You are daughters of perdition and you obey another master; repent and convert and I will pardon you; otherwise I will cast you away from Me, because if you are not charitable with me and your brothers, neither will I be with you when you come into my presence. I tell you, hell is full of many who lived in this world seducing and leading to perdition my flock.

You libertines, your indecent fashions crucify me and make the heavens weep. Reconsider and straighten your paths so that on the day of tomorrow you will not have to lament. Do not come to my houses and to my tabernacles in your vestments of sin, because I will not listen to you and I will cast you off, just like the man invited to the King’s banquet who came improperly dressed.

Be, therefore, charitable and cover yourselves, worldly women; stop putting your bodies on display as if they were merchandise for sale; remember that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, deserving all of your respect. My peace I leave you, my peace I give you. Repent and convert because the Reign of God is near.

Your Master, Jesus Eucharistic. The Unloved Lover.Make my messages known to all humanity.

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