Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Monday, June 19, 2017

Urgent Call of God the Father to His Faithful People.

My days of Justice have begun with your inner purification.


My peace be with you, My people, My inheritance.

My children, everything has been accomplished. Prepare yourselves because the days of My Divine Justice are already in your midst. Your inner universe has begun its transformation, the mental attacks are the beginning of your purification; everything in your being will be renewed, the old man must die with sin, to give way to a new creature; which will be totally spiritual, of a nature similar to that of my Angels. Only then can you inhabit My New Creation.

My people, do not lose your head with the mental attacks, invoke the power of the Blood of My Son, so that you can counteract these attacks and so you can overcome the trials of each day. I need to select the inhabitants of My New Creation, that is why I will pass you through the furnace of tribulation, only the winners will obtain the Crown of Life. The time has come where you must be alert and vigilant, praying at all times in your mind, so that the enemy of your soul does not steal my peace. The power of the Blood of My Son will purify you, so that you can overcome the mental demons, the ones of the flesh and of the world, which are going to attack you. I need to purify you and cleanse you from all stain of sin and evil, so that you can inhabit My New Creation.

Do not allow the demons to form strongholds in your mind, attack every incendiary dart of the evil one, when it comes to your thought; remember that the attacks are for the flesh, for the world and for the mental demons, who will not rest looking for the way to make you lose. You must defeat them all with My spiritual weapons that are powerful in the Spirit for the collapse of strongholds. Will you ask, what are these weapons? I answer:

* The Body and Blood of My Son

* Reading and meditation of My Holy Word

* The complete Spiritual Armor, given to My Servant Enoch, where you will find the rosaries and prayers for the spiritual combat of each day. Everything you need, you have it in the Armor Manual.

Learn by memory the short prayers to the Blood and Wounds of My Son, His power will keep away the mental demons; also learn the short exorcisms given to My servant Benedict of Nursia and to My servant Antony of Padua, which will be of great help in your spiritual struggle; invoke the blessed souls of My Apostles and Disciples, as well as your Guardian Angel, so that you may remain protected. These are the Spiritual Weapons for you to defend yourself and purify your soul, body and spirit. Remember that you must shine as crucibles so that you can inhabit My New Creation.

I tell you inhabitants of the earth that My days of Justice have begun with your inner purification. Every day the attacks will intensify, those who are not prepared will be lost. Tribulation inside your mind and tribulation in the cosmos, man and the universe in purification. Therefore, follow My instructions so that your purification will be bearable; run to close every door of sin opened in your soul, for sins not confessed nor repaired, so that the demons do not oppress you and steal the soul. Courage, My children, still little time, the Life in the Spirit awaits you!

Your Father, Yahweh, the Lord of the Nations

Make My messages be known in all corners of the earth, My children.

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