Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Call of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary to the People of God. Message to Enoch

Beloved People, Always Bring with You the Marian Standard of Our Two Hearts Hanged on Your Neck, Because It is a Powerful Armor of Protection for the Spiritual Fight and for the Days of the Great Tribulation That Are Coming!


People of God, the Peace and Love of Our Two Hearts, always accompany you.

Beloved children, the days you live are already days of purification. Accept them with love and trust in God. Offer your sufferings, struggles, and fatigue for your liberation, conversion, and salvation. Unite your sufferings to the Cross of Jesus, so that the tests may be more bearable for you. Ask Our Two Hearts for your conversion, that of your family, country, city and the whole world; so that you and all humanity may be freed from existing evil and sin.

Remember, People of God, that your battles are spiritual, that is why you must use all the Spiritual Armor that God has sent you, so that you can face your enemy the devil, who does not rest looking for a way to make you lose. Come to the protection of Our Two Hearts when you feel attacked by the forces of evil in your mind. Do not hesitate to invoke us because the Power of Our Two Hearts destroys every incendiary dart of the evil one and strengthens you in the spiritual combat of each day.

Consecrate yourselves at morning and night to the Power of Our Two Hearts. Extend the consecration to your children, relatives and the entire world, so that the power of evil is defeated from the face of the earth. We are the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and of Mary, who throb with Love for all souls and especially for those who are further from God. Take refuge, People of God, in Our Two Hearts, so that the power of evil cannot harm you. Our two hearts are the victory and salvation of the Sons of God.

Beloved People, always carry with you the Marian Banner of Our Two Hearts hanging on your neck, because it is a powerful Armor of Protection for spiritual combat and for the days of great tribulation that are coming. Make it blessed and exorcised, and when you feel attacked by the evil one, say thus: "Hearts of Jesus and Mary, come to my aid and be the salvation of my soul, deliver me from all evil and prey on the evil one." Amen

We give you this prayer of consecration to Our Two Hearts, so that you may do it morning and night; extend it to your children, family and the whole world.


(Do it morning and night)

Oh, Hearts of Jesus and Mary; I consecrate myself, I consecrate my family and the whole world, to your Loving Hearts. Pay attention to the plea I make to you and accept our hearts in Yours, so that we and the whole world may be delivered and protected from all evil and all sin. May the protection of Your Two Hearts, be refuge, strength and protection, in the spiritual struggles of each day. May the power of Your Two Hearts radiate to the world so that it is protected from evil and sin. We consecrate ourselves voluntarily and we consecrate the whole of humanity to Your Hearts; with trust and confidence by Your Great Mercy, to obtain victory over the forces of evil in this world, and Eternal Glory in the Kingdom of God. Amen

We are your Refuge and Shelter, the Hearts of Jesus and Mary

Beloved People, make known the messages from heaven to all humanity.

Marian Banner of Our Two Hearts

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