The Apparitions of Our Lady at Holy Love

1985-present, North Ridgeville, Ohio, USA

The Apparitions Begin

The Visionary, Maureen Sweeney-Kyle, was born on December 12, 1940, on the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. She resides with her husband, Don Kyle, at the site of the miraculous Maranatha Spring and Shrine in North Ridgeville, Ohio, the home of Holy Love Ministries.

Our Lady first appeared to Maureen in January 1985 at St. Brendan Catholic Church in North Olmsted, Ohio, dressed in light pink and a smoky-lavender color.

Interview with Maureen Sweeney-Kyle in July 2006

"I was at Adoration at a neighbourhood Church and Our Lady was suddenly just standing to the side of the Monstrance – She never puts Her back to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. She had a large beaded rosary in Her hands and I thought, β€˜Am I the only one seeing Her?' People were getting up and leaving or coming in and not paying any attention. All of a sudden, the fifty Hail Mary beads turned into the shapes of the fifty states (of the United States). Then She left. I didn't know why She was there, but I thought, β€˜Maybe She wants me to pray for the country."

Message from Our Lady given on March 24, 1998

"I appeared to you (Maureen) first with the Rosary of States. It was an appeal to pray for your country. Years later, the Rosary of States broke when I returned to you (on July 13, 1997) in the same vision. The states slipped off and landed in a smoldering pile at My feet. This represented God's Justice."

Message from Our Lady given on August 21, 2016

"Dear children, you are engaged in war – spiritual and physical war. Your weapon is this." She holds up the Rosary of States. Then it changes into the Rosary of the Unborn.*

* Our Lady first appeared to Maureen with the Rosary of the Unborn on October 7, 1997.

Shortly after the first apparition, Maureen began receiving frequent Messages, first from Jesus and then from Our Lady.

Our Lady gave nearly daily Messages through December 1998. Then, Jesus gave daily Messages from January 1999 to May 2017, with God the Father giving daily Messages since June 2017.

To date, Maureen has received over 30,000 Messages from God the Father, Jesus, Our Lady, many saints and angels, and some of the Poor Souls in Purgatory.

Spiritual Directors

Over the years, Maureen has been guided by several spiritual directors and spiritual advisors who have been experts in Marian Theology.

Archbishop Gabriel Gonsum Ganaka (1937-1999) from Jos, Nigeria, was one of Maureen's spiritual advisors in 1998-1999. Archbishop Ganaka arranged for an audience with Pope John Paul II on August 11, 1999.

The following picture was taken on the joyful occasion of the visit by the Visionary, Maureen Sweeney-Kyle, with Pope John Paul II. Maureen's husband, Don Kyle (bottom right), Archbishop Ganaka (top left) and Rev. Frank Kenney (Maureen's Spiritual Director from 19942004 – top row, middle position) accompanied her on the visit.

Archbishop Ganaka passed away in November of 1999 and his cause for sainthood was begun in March of 2007.

Audience with Pope John Paul II on August 11, 1999

Apostolic Missions

During the early years of the apparitions, Our Lady gave Maureen a series of missions to accomplish:

1986 – 1990


(Promotion of the Title and the Devotion)

1990 – 1993


(Nationwide Anti-Abortion Rosary Crusades)

1993 – Present

The combined Revelations of MARY, REFUGE OF HOLY LOVE and the CHAMBERS OF THE UNITED HEARTS. In 1993, Our Lady asked that this Mission be known as Holy Love Ministries and then requested that the Ministry procure property for a shrine in Lorain County, Ohio. This was accomplished in 1995. This 115-acre shrine is now known as Maranatha Spring and Shrine, the home of Holy Love Ministries, an Ecumenical Lay Apostolate to make known to the world the Chambers of the United Hearts through the Messages of Holy and Divine Love.

Maranatha Spring and Shrine

Mission Statement

We are an ecumenical Ministry seeking personal holiness in and through the Message of Holy and Divine Love. We seek perfection through the Chambers of the United Hearts. We spread the Revelation of the Chambers of the United Hearts whenever and wherever we can, thus ushering in the triumphant victory of the United Hearts.

What is Holy Love

"Holy Love is:

  • The Two Great Commandments of Love – to love God above all else and to love neighbor as self.
  • The fulfillment and the embodiment of the Ten Commandments.
  • The measure by which all souls will be judged.
  • The barometer of personal holiness.
  • The Gateway to the New Jerusalem.
  • The Immaculate Heart of Mary.
  • The First Chamber of the United Hearts.
  • The Purifying Flame of Love of Mary's Heart that all souls must pass through.
  • The Refuge of Sinners and the Ark of these last days.
  • The source of unity and peace amongst all people and all nations.
  • Holy Love is God's Divine Will.

Realize that only evil would be opposed to Holy Love." (Jesus – November 8, 2010)

The Two Great Commandments of Love

When the Pharisees heard that Jesus had silenced the Sadducees, they assembled in a body; and one of them, a lawyer, in an attempt to trip Him up, asked Him, "Teacher, which commandment of the law is the greatest?" Jesus said to him, "You shall love the Lord your God with your whole heart, with your whole soul, and with all your mind. This is the greatest and first commandment. The second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. On these two commandments the whole law is based, and the prophets as well." (Matthew 22:34-40)

The Virtue of Love

"I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. I have come to speak to you about the virtue of love. Holy Love is, as you know, the Two Great Commandments: love God above all else and your neighbor as yourself. It is the embrace of all Ten Commandments. Holy Love is the Immaculate Heart of My Mother. It is the Divine Will of God.

Holy Love can be likened to the sun, which spills its rays over the earth enlightening the shadows of darkness. It is like the keys to the Kingdom I entrusted to My apostle Peter. It is the door to My Sacred Heart and union with Divine Love.

Holy Love is the harmony between man, nature, and the Creator. It is the interpretation of the law and the means of all sanctification.

The will of man must choose Holy Love. It is not open to debate, and stands undaunted in the face of discernment. Holy Love cannot be judged, for it is the judge.

Holy Love is offered in every present moment and follows the soul into eternity." (Jesus – June 28, 1999)

The Effects of Holy Love in the Heart

"I have come to you to speak about the effects of Holy Love in the heart.

  • Holy Love can transform the most mundane task into a powerful redemptive tool in the Hands of God.
  • Holy Love, when it is accepted in the heart, can transform darkness into the Light of Truth.
  • Holy Love can inspire victory over sin; therefore, Holy Love is the foundation of every conversion of heart.
  • Holy Love is the vehicle of surrender of free will to accept God's Divine Will.
  • It is Holy Love which helps the soul to recognize God's grace in every cross.

These are sound reasons for souls to accept these Messages and to support this Mission of Holy Love by living the Messages. To do so is to allow your heart to be transformed by Holy Love. To do so is to follow the pursuit of Holy Perfection." (St. Francis de Sales – January 14, 2012)

"Without Holy Love in the heart, good deeds, penance and reparation are hollow; for Holy Love is the foundation of holiness, righteousness and truth. It is impossible for the soul to comply with the Divine Will of the Father apart from Holy Love, for God's Will is Holy Love. Holy Love leads the soul away from focus on self to focus on God and neighbor. This leads the heart into balance with the Divine Will. The soul gradually loses sight of how everything affects him – to focus on how everything affects God and neighbor. Such a soul is a jewel in God's Eyes and mounts swiftly up the Stairway to Holiness. This is the path to perfection." (St. Francis de Sales – January 16, 2012)

Self-Love vs Holy Love

Given to Maureen Sweeney-Kyle by Blessed Mother on August 18, 1997
Is motivated towards self-advantage in thought, word, and deed.
Is motivated in every thought, word, and action by love of God, and neighbor as self.

Sees only others’ faults, not his own. Considers himself on the right pathβ€” perhaps even humble and virtuous.
Sees himself full of imperfections. Is always seeking to be perfected through love. Considers everyone more humble and holy than himself.

Holds a checklist in his heart of every wrong perpetrated against him.
Imitates Divine Mercy as best he can. Is compassionate and forgiving.

Is quick to anger and stands vigil over his own rights making certain they are not transgressed.
Is patient. Takes note of others’ needs and concerns.

Hangs on to his own opinions refusing to surrender to another viewpoint.
Offers his own opinions but listens to others and lends them equal merit with his own.

Takes pride in his own achievements. May even take pride in his spiritual progress.
Realizes all things proceed from God; that without God he is capable of no good thing. All good comes from grace.

Sees himself and the world as the beall/end-all. His only pleasure is thus achieved through the world.
Takes joy in storing up heavenly treasure, in growing closer to God and deeper in holiness. Knows the difference between earthly pleasures and spiritual joy.

Uses the goods of the world to satisfy self.
Uses the goods of the world to satisfy quest for holiness.

Objects to every cross. Sees trials as a curse. Resents others’ good fortune.
Surrenders to the cross through love as Jesus did. Sees crosses as a grace to be used to convert others.

Prays only for himself and his own needs.
Prays for all in need.

Cannot accept God's Will. Becomes bitter over trials.
Accepts God's Will with a loving heart even when difficult.

The Messages of Holy and Divine Love

Jesus: "This Mission and the Messages of Holy and Divine Love are the culmination of all the Messages Heaven has given to earth." (May 20, 2005)

Mary, Refuge of Holy Love: "Dear children, please treasure the journey you are given through these Messages. It is the missing link to all other Messages given to other visionaries. While many others deal with living in the Divine Will, the journey through the Chambers of Our United Hearts gives you the way into the Divine Will. You cannot reach any destination without first making the journey." (May 10, 2017)

God the Father: "Children, if you are privy to these Messages, then you are invited to propagate them, as they lead you along the path to Heaven. It is like discovering a treasure. In Christian joy, you should be anxious to share the treasure you have found. These Messages mold your heart in such a way that perfection in holiness is something to aim for." (May 21, 2019)

The Image of Mary, Refuge of Holy Love

On March 4, 1997, Blessed Mother took Maureen’s hand and assisted her in drawing the Image of Mary, Refuge of Holy Love, in order to depict how She looks to the Visionary, and to grant to the world a new source of grace.

Blessed Mother: "Promulgate the Image you have before you. In this Image is the culmination of all My apparitions during this century. It is the Refuge of the Immaculate Heart spoken of at Fatima. It is the promise of an era to come spoken of at Garabandal. I speak of the crown over My Heart, which foretells the victory of the United Hearts and the triumph of the Church over evil. The cross on My Hand represents a dogma which is coming – Co-Redemptrix. I am pointing to My Heart, calling humanity into this safe Refuge. This Refuge is Holy Love." (July 30, 1997)

Jesus: "For many years you have pondered My Mother's words to you that this is the culmination of all Her apparitions in the world. Mistakenly, you thought She meant the last of all Her apparitions. Not so. By the words 'culmination of all My apparitions' My Mother was revealing a deeper thought. The Message of the Chambers of Our United Hearts is the ultimate path each soul is created to pursue, for this spiritual journey leads to personal holiness and sanctification. Further, since this journey leads the soul in pursuit of living in the Divine Will, there is no other message from Heaven – no other 'new apparition', no other type of spiritual journey which should encourage the soul in a different direction. All directions from Heaven – if genuine – should eventually culminate in pursuit of My Father's Divine Will. Through the Message of these Sacred Chambers, the soul has been given a virtual road map." (May 17, 2003)

The complete Image of the United Hearts of the Holy Trinity and Immaculate Mary

God the Father: As I (Maureen) was praying in my prayer room, a large Flame appeared. Then I heard a voice that said: "All praise be the Blessed Trinity. I am God the Father. You see My Heart before you as a massive Flame. It is the Flame of My Eternal, Divine Will which burns before you. It is this Flame that is the embodiment of Perfect Love and My Divine Will. My Heart is a Flame which engulfs the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary – of Holy and Divine Love – melting Them into Divine Union with My Will, never to be separated. So you see, I present to you a new Image – the Complete Image of Love – the Union of Holy and Divine Love completely immersed in the Flame of My Fatherly Heart, which is the Divine Will." (January 18, 2007)

Jesus: "My Father has revealed to the world that the Light surrounding Our United Hearts is, in fact, the Holy Spirit Who inspires and enlightens souls to come into Holy and Divine Love, and to pursue only the Will of My Father. The Holy Spirit desires that when a soul enters Our Hearts, he be held captive, so to speak, always desiring a deeper Chamber, a greater understanding of this mystery and deeper union with the Divine Will." (February 25, 2007)

Jesus: "My brothers and sisters, accept the Image of Our United Hearts as the visual of My Father's Divine Will. It is He who sent Me to tell you this and to give you this Image. The Sacred Chambers of Our United Hearts lead the soul on the journey into union and immersion in the Divine Will. All that is needed is the soul's 'yes'. This 'yes' is your surrender to Our United Hearts." (March 12, 2017)

Maranatha Spring and Shrine

β€” The Home of Holy Love Ministries β€”

Our Lady: "Please understand, My children, that the layout of this property represents the soul’s journey into holiness and Our United Hearts.

1. The soul is first drawn into My Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart (represented at the Lake of Tears), where he is purged of many of his most flagrant faults.

The Lake of Tears

2. Then he travels along guided by the angels – as is represented on the property by the Lake of Angels.

The Lake of Angels

3. He receives many graces to move deeper into My Heart and into Divine Love, the Heart of My Son. This is represented by Maranatha Spring on the property.

The Maranatha Spring

4. Finally, in conformity to the Divine Will of God, he arrives at the Field of Victory, Our United Hearts and the Triumph.

The Field of Victory

5. Understand that every triumph and victory is surrounded by the Way of the Cross. And thus you have at the back of the property – the Stations of the Cross." (December 12, 1999)

The Way of the Cross

Mary, Refuge of Holy Love: "What I offer on this property and through these Messages can transform your heart, if you allow it. Do not pass up this opportunity of grace. Let the Truth find you. I speak of the Truth of where you stand before God. I speak of the Truth of Holy Love. If you come to the property you will receive the Truth of the state of your soul. You will receive in your heart the essence of the importance of living in Holy Love. You will begin your journey through the Chambers of Our United Hearts. All that the world has to offer will become unimportant to you. This is the grace of wisdom I offer to you through the Holy Spirit." (June 5, 2017)

Jesus: "This entire Ministry, the Messages of Holy Love, the journey through the Chambers of Our United Hearts, and the graces attendant to the property are all an extension and an outpouring of My Divine Mercy." (April 7, 2013 – Divine Mercy Sunday)

The Journey Through


– The Pursuit of Holiness –

The following journey is an excerpt from the book of the same name

1st Chamber
The Immaculate Heart of Mary – Holy Love – Salvation
2nd Chamber
3rd Chamber
Perfection in Virtue
4th Chamber
Sanctification - Conformity with Divine Will
5th Chamber
Union with Divine Will
6th Chamber
Immersion in the Divine Will

The Journey through the Chambers of the United Hearts is the way of perfection in Holy Love and the road map to union with the Divine Will. (Jesus – May 3, 2017)

First Chamber of the United Hearts
The Immaculate Heart of Mary – Holy Love – Salvation

On October 16, 1999, the feast day of the Saint of the Sacred Heart, St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, Jesus, after discussing the importance of surrender of self-will to the Divine Will, began to reveal to the world the inner workings of the Chambers of His Sacred Heart, starting with the First Chamber – the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Jesus says:

"The first door the soul must open is perhaps the most difficult. Through the Flame of My Mother's Heart the soul recognizes its faults and failings. By a movement of free will, he decides to overcome his weaknesses – to let them be burned away through the Flame of Holy Love. Yes, the first doorway to Divine Love is Holy Love. It is the purgative stage. The soul may open this door, quite committed to the path he sees before him, but because he gives in to Satan's temptations, he finds himself outside the first door again. Over and over, he may have to recommit to Holy Love. Finally, he will be less tempted to old weaknesses. He will recognize them and avert them. Now he can approach the first door to Divine Love."

Jesus tells us that we must choose, by our free will, to be purged of our faults and failings by the Flame of Holy Love – a kind of purgatory on earth – but that we are given all the graces we need to progress through the First Chamber, if we choose to, for that is the Divine Will for us.

In a Message Jesus gave us on November 10, 1999, He explains further the intricacies of His Sacred Heart as He says:

"I wish to reveal to you the entirety of My Heart. My Heart is the Divine Will of the Eternal Father. It is Divine Love and Mercy. I have revealed to you the many Chambers of My Heart. But, today I have come to share with you that the First Chamber – that of Holy Love, My Mother's Heart – is the Chamber I pour My greatest graces into. You may wonder at this, thinking the souls in My Most Intimate Chamber of this Sacred Vessel are receiving the choicest graces. They are indeed the choicest graces reserved for very few. But, the greatest abundance of grace flows from the First Chamber, for it is here the soul must respond to his conversion and move towards holiness. I give, through My Mercy and Love, every opportunity for each soul to say 'yes.' My Tenderest Compassion stands ready to welcome every soul who is attracted to Me. The other Chambers of My Heart form the soul in holiness, perfection, and sanctity – but the First Chamber is salvation."

This First Chamber is termed, salvation, for Holy Love is our salvation, which Blessed Mother has shown by Her Immaculate Heart to be the perfect example. This was explained by Her in a Message given on May 5, 2000 in which She said:

"I have come to call you into the only eternal Refuge – for this Refuge is your salvation. No one enters Heaven except through the portal of My Heart, which is Holy Love. For who can be admitted who will not love God above all else and his neighbor as himself?"

Stages of Purification in the Flame of Holy Love

Once inside the Immaculate Heart of Our Lady – the First Chamber, the soul thus becomes purified and perfected in Holy Love through a process of passing through compartments or chambers in the Purifying Flame of Holy Love, as described in a Message by Blessed Mother on May 9, 2011:

1st Stage
Discovery of Faults and Sins - Self-knowledge - Illumination of Conscience
2nd Stage
Repentance of Sin
3rd Stage
Surrender to God's Mercy and Firm Resolve to Reform

"I have come to describe to you the Flame of My Immaculate Heart – the Flame of Holy Love – The First Chamber of Our United Hearts. There are different compartments or chambers, if you will, within this Flame. The first and most intense area of this Flame is for souls just beginning to discover their own iniquities. Many spend long years in this part of the Holy Flame, for pride does not permit them to admit their own guilt and weaknesses. Gradually, as the soul discovers the purpose behind many of his actions and sinfulness, he passes to the next area of the Flame of My Heart which is repentance. Here he may fall victim to a scrupulous conscience which is a favorite trap of Satan. With humility, he will overcome this obstacle. The less intense part of the Flame of My Heart is for the most repentant soul. This soul seeks God's Mercy with a resolve to do better. This is the highest part of the Flame of My Immaculate Heart. Having passed successfully now through every part of the purifying Flame of Holy Love, the soul moves willingly to the Second Chamber of Our United Hearts and begins his journey to perfection in Divine Love. These, then, are the stages of purification through the Flame of Holy Love. Each stage lends itself to passage into the next."

To help us enter into the First Chamber, Heaven has provided us with two beneficial prayers:

Firstly, The Consecration to the Flame of Holy Love given by Our Lady on April 16, 1995:

Consecration to the Flame of Holy Love

Immaculate Heart of Mary, humbly, I ask that You take my heart into the Flame of Holy Love, that is the spiritual refuge of all mankind. Do not look upon my faults and failings, but allow these iniquities to be burned away by this purifying Flame.

Through Holy Love, help me to be sanctified in the present moment, and in so doing, give to You, dear Mother, my every thought, word, and action. Take me and use me according to Your great pleasure. Allow me to be Your instrument in the world, all for the greater glory of God and towards Your victorious reign. Amen.

Secondly, The Prayer to Mary, Protectress of the Faith , which is the Key to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, given by Jesus on February 10, 2006:

Key to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Mary, Protectress of the Faith and Refuge of Holy Love, come to my aid.

Second Chamber of the United Hearts
Divine Love – Holiness

Blessed Mother gave a Message on September 18, 2013, to encourage us to see that as we surrender more and more to Holy Love in the present moment, we move from the First Chamber (Her Immaculate Heart) into the Second in which we are provided with many graces that help us to know Jesus more intimately in His Divine Love and Mercy and which open awareness of our conscience as to how we use the present moment created and given us by God. Blessed Mother says:

"Dear children, your personal holiness needs to be your prized possession. This is your personal relationship with God the Father, Jesus and Me – all nurtured by the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Love and Truth. You have been given the spirituality of the Sacred Chambers of Our United Hearts here at this site. Let this journey be your guide and path to follow towards the Divine Will. Do not let anyone or anything stand in the way of your deep and ongoing journey in holiness. These days, the world holds holiness in low esteem and refuses to conform to such a concept. But you, My children, have been brought along this sure and certain path of Holy and Divine Love."

We have to always remember that God wants our trustful surrender to His Divine Will every present moment – not just sometimes. When we become more aware of such a prized grace God gives us in our personal holiness toward a closer personal relationship with Him, we develop a greater desire to increase in virtue and to further pursue holiness to a deeper level. And in this pursuit of holiness, the soul first realizes in the Second Chamber how certain habits and attachments to worldly things affect us and how they can get in the way of our concern for the welfare and needs of others first. This point is explained by St. Thomas Aquinas in a Message on September 24, 2007. He says:

"I have come to tell you that the first and most basic step in holiness is to regard others' needs first. In doing so you must not look upon how everything affects you yourself, but how everything affects those around you. When you are concerned mainly for yourself, this is a sure sign of inordinate self-love. Such an attitude quickly carries you out of the First Chamber and away from humility of heart. Be solicitous and accommodating towards the needs of others, and trust in God's Provision in your own needs. This is the first and most basic step in personal holiness. Disordered self-love is the inspiration of all sin and has its roots in evil. Love of God and neighbor is the basis of all holiness."

Jesus tells us that if the soul wishes to pursue holiness, then he must empty himself of self-love in the process known as self-abandonment or self-surrender. In a Message from July 8, 1999, Jesus says:

"I have come to help you understand that some people pursue holiness with their intellect and not their heart. This is the meaning of love. Love must first be in your heart and then in the world around you. If Holy Love is in your heart, then you surrender your will to Me. It is only in this way I can fill you with grace and virtue. This means you have no 'wants' of your own. It does no good to imitate the virtues or to seek the company of holy people if you have not emptied yourself completely. You may want to be holy and virtuous, but it is not possible to demand such grace from Me. It is only possible through self-abandonment."

As we have seen in examining these Messages on the spirituality of the Second Chamber of the United Hearts, the purification and perfection of the soul in holiness is the major focus, which, in turn, helps the soul become keenly aware of the power and grace offered by God every present moment to bring the soul to the goal of conformity and union with God's Will. So, as the soul becomes aware of the power of God's grace in the present moments God creates to draw the soul into union with the Divine Will, he also recognizes how Jesus draws that soul into the next Chamber, the Third Chamber of His Sacred Heart which is Perfection in Virtue.

Third Chamber of the United Hearts
Perfection in Virtue

As was stated before on the spirituality of the Second Chamber, Jesus says at the end of a Message given on January 26, 2001 – The Revelation of Our United Hearts:

"The souls in the Second Chamber of My Heart are becoming more aware of the Eternal Father's Will for them and most accepting of My Father's Will. Then as they surrender more and more to the Divine Will in the present moment, they prepare themselves for entrance into the Third Chamber of My Sacred Heart."

Heaven has labeled the Third Chamber of the United Hearts, Perfection in Virtue. In this Chapter, we will examine those Messages Heaven has given that explain the spirituality of this Third Chamber and why perfection in the virtues is so important in the soul's progression in holiness toward union with the Divine Will; for such progression is primarily dependent upon the depth (or lack of depth) of the virtues in the soul, especially the virtues of Holy Love and Holy Humility.

In a Message given on October 16, 2002 – Feast of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, this saint of the Sacred Heart of Jesus described the importance of the virtue of Holy Love in the progression through the Chambers of the United Hearts. In that Message, she stated:

"My little sister, years ago on my feast day (October 16, 1999), Jesus revealed to you the many Chambers in His Heart of Hearts. Today, I have come to help you understand that as the soul progresses through the Chambers, spiritual growth in each one is ongoing; for the soul can only advance as his depth of Holy Love deepens. He cannot embrace holiness or perfection in virtue unless he begins to love more. As the First Chamber is conversion and Holy Love, it is also the introduction and key to all the other Chambers which are Divine Love."

Jesus explains this point further in a Message He gave on January 31, 2000, in which He discussed the soul's transition from the Second to the Third Chamber in his progression of holiness. In that Message, Jesus says:

"It is during the soul's stay in this (Second) Chamber that My grace comes to him, enticing him to a more devout life (in Holy Love). When the soul's spiritual desires become spiritual needs from a more pure love, the soul moves into the Third Chamber of My Heart. It is in this Third Chamber of My Heart that I inspire souls to sanctity through a more perfect union and conformity with the Divine Will. The soul can move as deeply into My Heart as he desires. The more he strips himself of self-love, the deeper he grows in virtue and into the Chambers of My Heart. I am opening the door to the sanctuary of My Heart to every soul."

Regarding the desire of the soul to grow in virtue, and thus grow in sanctity moving forward through the Chambers of the United Hearts, Jesus told us in a Message He gave on February 26, 2014:

"To live in Divine Love is to comply to the Divine Will of My Father. This is only possible by success in Holy Love. Holy Love is the embrace of the Ten Commandments and of all the virtues. This embrace is only possible through self-illumination as to the soul's own strengths and weaknesses. The basis of all holiness, therefore, is the desire to improve in virtue and in obedience to the Commandments. This is the desire to improve upon destructive behavior which opposes holiness. No one can be virtuous or holy if he does not first desire it."

In reference to being perfected in the virtues as the soul progresses along the journey of personal holiness and sanctification, Jesus tells us the importance of the virtue of humility. In a Message He gave on March 18, 2000, Jesus says:

"While many prefer to believe they have all the answers and that they know best the way, I tell you, even the Pharisees believed in such a way. But the path I show you leaves no room for spiritual pride – only humility. The Chambers of My Heart open to nothingness, for herein lies no arrogance, self-righteousness, or unforgiveness. Approach this door in littleness and I will clothe you in virtue. I will feed you with the milk of many graces. I will support you in your crosses. The proud are the wayfarers, wandering the way of Satan. But those who will make themselves My little martyrs of love, I will lift high."

In a Message on September 9, 2011, Jesus gave a powerful prayer He asks us to pray as a means of deepening our journey of personal holiness through the Chambers, by asking Mary, Protectress of the Faith and Defender of All Virtue, to protect the virtues we seek to be perfected in. Jesus says in this Message:

"Today I have come to ask souls to pray this way as a means of deepening their personal holiness:"

Prayer of Perfection in the Virtuous Life

Dear Immaculate Heart of Mary, Protectress of Faith and Defender of All Virtue, Refuge of Holy Love, take my heart and place it under Your Maternal Gaze. Protect the virtues I am seeking to perfect. Help me to recognize any weakness in virtue and to overcome it. I surrender my virtuous life to Your charge. Amen.


In a Message on July 17, 2014, Our Blessed Mother explains the topic of virtue, in which She says:

"Today, I have come to discuss with you the topic of virtue, for it is efforts in the perfection of the virtues which propels the soul deeper into the Chambers of Our United Hearts. Genuine virtue is based upon Holy Love without the measure of cost to self. False virtue is practiced for all to see.

Genuine virtue is between the soul and God, just as the journey through the Sacred Chambers is. Sincere virtue is based on Truth. False virtue is a lie.

Some believe that by associating with a holy person, they have assimilated holiness. But, I tell you, personal holiness comes only with much effort that is hidden away from the naked eye.

Do not be concerned for how others regard you. Only be concerned for how God judges you. This is an act of the virtue of humility."

Read 1 Thessalonians 3:11-13

Now may our God and Father Himself, and our Lord Jesus, direct our way to you; and may the Lord make you increase and abound in love to one another and to all men, as we do to you, so that He may establish your hearts unblamable in holiness before our God and Father, at the coming of our Lord Jesus with all His saints.

Fourth Chamber of the United Hearts
Sanctification – Conformity with the Divine Will

Prior to entering into the Fourth Chamber, (also known as Sanctification or Conformity with the Divine Will), the soul must first be fine-tuned in holiness by being tested in the virtues over and over like refining gold in a purifying fire to remove its impurities. As was seen in a Message from March 18, 2000, such souls must be martyrs of love, suffering with our Lord as He suffered and continues to do so – in Holy Love and Holy Humility – if they are to transition from the Third to the Fourth Chamber of the United Hearts.

Jesus makes this point very clear in a Message from February 7, 2000, when He says:

"It is within the Fourth Chamber of My Heart that I experience My Passion and Death as every Mass is celebrated... The souls whom I choose from the Third Chamber (to enter into the Fourth), therefore, must suffer with Me as victims – just as I suffered and continue to do so; (for)... it is only those who are most perfectly united to the Will of My Father whom I invite into this Chamber. These are the ones who are simplistic, humble, and have been perfected in Holy Love."

Just as in the Gospels, Jesus tells us how all His disciples must take up their crosses and follow (imitate) Him in His Sacrificial Love if they are to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

We begin this Chapter, then, revealing the spirituality of the Fourth Chamber of the United Hearts, (also known as Sanctification or Conformity with the Divine Will), which brings souls into the Kingdom of Heaven. In the Message from October 20, 1999, Jesus tells us the conditions required of souls to enter into the Fourth Chamber of His Heart as He says:

"The souls, and few there are, whom I select from the Third Chamber as My saints and martyrs of love, come into the Fourth and most intimate Chamber. They have been perfected in Holy Love. They have purged themselves of the smallest fault or attachment which has been an obstacle between their heart and Mine. They have successfully defeated Satan in his discouragements. These are the souls that are able to accept all things as from the Hand of God – that is, God's Will for them. These souls always trust in Divine Providence. The virtues have been honed and fine-tuned in their lives. They no longer live for themselves, but I live through them. It is such as these, that upon their death, I lay at My Mother's feet as sweet flowers to console Her, as many of Her children slip to perdition. These souls reach the Highest Heaven, their sanctity secure in Me. It is to this perfection each soul is called, created, and chosen. I do not place any obstacle between any soul and his sanctification. It is the soul himself who chooses obstacles, or chooses only God's Will in the present moment."

The Altar in the Shrine

Accepting all things as from the Hand of God involves conforming to God's Will and, thus, a trustful surrender of the soul's free will to God's Will. In order for this to occur, however, we must be disposed to being martyrs of love as was given in a Message on July 27, 2006, in which Jesus says:

"When you are a true martyr of love, no errand of My Heart is too great for you. Everything you give in this martyrdom is given with childlike simplicity, and I am able to change events, offer graces – even challenge ideals that I could not have done without your help. You see, when you give out of pure love, only seeking to please Me, the veil of justice that is ready to tear is held in place by the angels. My Justice is withheld and My Mercy continues to pour upon earth, offering contrition to every sinner and a way out of Satan's traps. Is it not worth it, then, to pray and sacrifice for even more love to fill your own heart and, so too, the heart of the world? I appeal always to those who have chosen to love Me so that I can continue to approach every sinner."

St. Thomas Aquinas gave us a Message on July 16, 2008, about the importance of trust for the soul who aspires to enter the Fourth Chamber. St. Thomas says:

"I will explain to you why trust is so important to the soul who aspires to the Fourth Chamber. If the soul does not trust in God's Mercy, he leaves himself open to guilt. Guilt is the inability to forgive self or to believe that God can forgive sins of the past. Understand that God's Mercy is perfect, all-embracing and complete. He wants to forgive you. He does not condemn. It is the soul who chooses condemnation. Believe in these truths."

Fifth Chamber of the United Hearts
Union with the Divine Will

We begin the discussion with the Message given by Jesus on April 10, 2000, in which He says:

"The Chambers of My Heart are a progression in surrender to the Divine Will. There are the Four Chambers of My Heart. But, and this is what I desire that you understand, there is also a Fifth Chamber. The Fifth Chamber of My Heart is secretly hidden within the Fourth Chamber. It is the Kingdom of the Divine Will within your own heart. It needs to be discovered by the soul as he dwells within the Fourth Chamber. Some souls in the Fourth Chamber do not discover this inner Kingdom, which is My Heart within them. Though they are in union with the Divine Will, this discovery of the Fifth Chamber remains elusive. The souls who do discover My Kingdom within them are already in the New Jerusalem. The Fifth Chamber, then, is not your heart moving deeper into My Heart, but the discovery of My Heart within your own."

In a Message given on August 20, 2001, Jesus says:

"The innermost depths of My Heart are only attainable through trust. The reason so few souls are admitted to the Fifth Chamber of My Heart, that is – union with the Divine Will – is that in some small way they fail in trust. They may perfectly conform to the Will of God in every way possible and reside in the Fourth Chamber of My Heart, but in the end, there is some area of their lives they have failed to surrender to Me... I reserve this Final Chamber for the ones who are resigned to accept everything as from My Father's Hand. These souls do not struggle against God's Will, but accept what comes, waiting to see what good will come from each situation."

The importance of a willing trustful surrender to the Divine Will, which is Holy Love, when progressing through the Chambers of the United Hearts, was in a Message given on July 29, 2000, in which Jesus says:

"My brothers and sisters, each soul decides himself how far he will come into My Heart; for each one is given the grace to come into the elite Fifth Chamber of My Heart, which is Union with the Divine Will. What determines advancement in the Chambers of My Heart... is your surrender to the Commandments of Love."

In a Message Jesus gave on October 3, 2000, He tells a parable to help us more easily understand the necessity of the complete journey of personal holiness through the Chambers of the United Hearts beginning with the First Chamber and striving to reach the goal of the Fifth Chamber in which the soul will realize the Kingdom of God residing within his heart. In His Message, Jesus says:

"I am going to describe for you in simplistic terms the journey into the United Hearts. In this parable, the United Hearts are represented by a great house. The soul who wishes to enter the house (the First Chamber) must use a key. This key represents the soul's free will. When he uses the key (that is surrender to the call to love) he enters the antechamber of My Heart which is My Mother's Immaculate Heart – Holy Love. Once inside this 'vestibule' the soul is curious about the rest of the house (that is, the Chambers of My Heart – Divine Love). He finds another door in front of him. Once again he must turn the key and surrender more deeply to Me – this time to holiness. Within the house finally the soul is anxious to explore the other rooms (Chambers of My Heart). Each Chamber remains secluded behind a locked door. Each room (Chamber) the soul seeks entrance to requires a deeper submission of his own will. If he is sincere and perseveres in his efforts he will reach the most secluded room – the Fifth Chamber of My Heart. Here is pure peace, love, and joy. It is in this, the tiniest room of all, that the soul finds complete union with the Divine Will of My Father. Such a soul settles into this little Chamber not wishing to be found or noticed. His only pleasure is in being there. (Here) he is in the present moment always. Take time to meditate upon this house I have shown you. The smallest Chamber of My Heart is the one in which the soul realizes the Kingdom of God within. I sit down next to the guests who come into the Fifth Chamber and they are always in Me."

Holy Spirit Glow

Later that same day, October 3, 2000, Jesus provided an addendum to this Message as He says:

"The soul does not exist in this (Fifth) Chamber for himself, but for the Will of the Father. His desire is never to be found by temptation – never to be drawn away from the Divine Will and so, into a lesser Chamber."

Providing us with these varying descriptions of the spiritual nature of the Fifth Chamber of the United Hearts, Jesus went on to say in a Message He gave on May 3, 2000:

"The principal difference between the Fourth and Fifth Chambers of My Heart is the difference between conformity and union. Conformity to the Divine Will implies there are still two entities. One who seeks to imitate God's Will is making himself conform. In the Fifth Chamber, however, there is no more effort, but the two wills (human and Divine) are united as one. There is no more effort to be as one, for in perfect union there is only one entity."

In the regard what occurs in the soul while residing in the Fifth Chamber, on January 31, 2001, Jesus reveals the following:

"I have come to describe to you the Fifth and most intimate Chamber of My Divine Heart. In this Chamber the soul is consumed with the desire to love Me – to please Me. In this love the soul is taking a giant step beyond conformity to the Divine Will. In conforming to the Will of God there are still two wills – God's Will and the human will. The soul is making the effort to accept all things as from the Hand of God. But in this most elite and intimate Fifth Chamber of My Heart, the soul not only accepts, but loves God's Will for him. It is in this love that has been perfected in the greatest degree possible that the soul comes to union with the Divine Will. Few reach this Fifth Chamber of My Heart. See then that it is love that invites you into the First Chamber – the Immaculate Heart of My Mother. It is love that invites you into the Second Chamber seeking greater purification and holiness. It is love that desires perfection in the virtues – the Third Chamber. It is love that takes the soul into the Fourth Chamber conforming the human will to the Divine. It is love which brings the soul into union with God in the Fifth Chamber. It is the depth of the soul's surrender to love that determines his eternity."

Jesus then continued the next day, February 1, 2001, with this Revelation of Our United Hearts Message encouraging us to strive to reach the Fifth Chamber by saying:

"And those precious souls who reach the Fifth Chamber of My Heart, live in union with God's Will. God lives in them and they in Him. My Father establishes His Kingdom within the hearts of those who enter the Fifth Chamber of Our United Hearts. Pray this prayer:"

Prayer of Surrender to Holy and Divine Love

Dear United Hearts of Jesus and Mary, I desire to surrender to Holy and Divine Love in all things, in all ways and in every present moment. Send me the grace so that I may do this. Help me as I try to respond to this grace. Be my protection and provision. Take up Your Reign in my heart. Amen.

Sixth Chamber of the United Hearts
Immersion in the Divine Will

We continue our discussion of the spirituality of the Chambers of the United Hearts with two Messages that introduce us to the Sixth and last Chamber of the United Hearts – Immersion in the Divine Will. We first look at a Message given by St. Thomas Aquinas on April 2, 2007, in which he discusses the basic differences between the Fifth and Sixth Chambers of the United Hearts. In this Message St. Thomas says:

"I have come to help you understand the difference between the Fifth and the Sixth Chambers. The Fifth Chamber is Union with the Divine Will. When two things are united, they are still distinguishable as separate entities – like the Two Hearts in the United Hearts Image." However, St. Thomas said: "… the Sixth Chamber is even more. In the Sixth Chamber the human will is immersed in the Divine Will so that they are, so to speak, mixed together. No longer can one be distinguished from the other. As St. Paul said, 'It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives through me.' The two wills – the Divine Will and the free will – are blended together, one immersed in the other, to become one."

This distinction between the Fifth and Sixth Chambers was further highlighted in a second Message, which was given by Jesus on July 27, 2002, in which He said:

"I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. I stand before you, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity – My Sacred Heart exposed to you. I tell you these words: The Fifth Chamber of Our United Hearts is united to the Benevolent Heart of the Eternal Father (Sixth Chamber) through His Divine Will. There is no other revelation outstanding beyond this Divine Truth. Be in union with the Divine Will."

The Heart of the Eternal Father that Jesus mentions in this Message is the Sixth Chamber of the United Hearts. Jesus elaborates on what has been said in a message of April 1, 2003:

"I have come to explain to you the Sixth Chamber. It is the Heart of the Eternal Father. It embraces all the other Chambers of Our United Hearts. In this Chamber is God's promise – a new covenant of love. The souls that pass into this Sixth Chamber have reached the Highest Heaven. In this life, it is reserved for those who have already reached sanctity. In eternal life, the saints and martyrs of love who reached the Fifth Chamber move into the Highest Heaven. Since My Father's Heart embraces all the Chambers of Our United Hearts, realize He calls each soul to be immersed in this Highest Heaven. For to him who has faith, all things are possible."

The deeper the soul moves through the Chambers of the United Hearts, the more he is aware of the Heavenly Father's Provision in helping him become one with the Father's Divine Will. St Thomas Aquinas expressed this best when he gave a Message describing the soul's movement from the Fifth to the Sixth Chamber of the United Hearts on September 25, 2004:

"Every Chamber of the United Hearts is clothed in the Divine Will of the Eternal Father. The deeper the soul is immersed in the Chambers of these Hearts, the more he is aware of the Father's Will for him. When the soul reaches the Fifth Chamber – Unity with the Divine Will – he becomes the Divine Will himself. This union makes the soul one with the Father's Will. Passing into the Heart of God the Father – the Sixth Chamber – is the enthronement of the Father's Heart within the human heart. The deeper the soul journeys into the Chambers of the United Hearts, the more difficult it is for him to slip backwards through sin or human fault. The souls who reach the Sixth Chamber rarely leave. But then, few there are who reach the Sixth Chamber."

Obviously, to reach the Sixth Chamber of the United Hearts (which Jesus calls the Highest Heaven) is not an easy goal and is not attained through one's own merits, but is achieved only by the grace of the Father's Will, which is to say, by Holy and Divine Love.

In a second Message regarding the Sixth Chamber given on April 2, 2003, Jesus explains this grace in relation to the journey through the Chambers of the United Hearts, as He stated:

"I have come to help you understand this Sixth Chamber of Our United Hearts. When you try to comprehend what I tell you on your own, you get into trouble. I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. The Sixth Chamber – the Will of My Father – clothes all the other Chambers, and yet to reach it you must pass through all the other Chambers – for the Sixth Chamber is the Highest Heaven. So, how can you pass through it but not be contained in it? In order to get into the First Chamber, which is Holy Love, the soul must, to some degree, pass into My Father's Will – for Holy Love is the Divine Will as is every Chamber. At the beginning, the Will of My Father acts as a 'sieve' – filtering out iniquity and self-will, and helping the soul to hang onto the Will of God. With each successive Chamber, more of the soul's own will slips through the 'sieve', and more of the Divine Will fills the soul. The souls that do reach the Sixth Chamber – the Highest Heaven – either, in this life or the next – are consumed with the Divine Will and no longer exist alone – only in God."

In a Message given on April 7, 2007, God the Father, in revealing the Flame of His Paternal Love, stated the following:

"The journey through the Chambers of the United Hearts is a pathway to My Paternal Love and My Divine Will. I do not want humanity to deem this final destination as unattainable. Right now, in this present moment, each soul has the way and the wherewithal to be transported into the Sixth Chamber – immersion in the Divine Will. It is true! See that I call you with the tender and caring Heart of a Father who desires to share everything with His children. Come, then, without delay. Desire to know Me better, to love Me more, to please Me in everything. I am waiting."