Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Friday, September 21, 2007

Brethren: Propagate My Devotion


Brethren: the peace of the Most High God be with you.

Brethren in the faith of my Father: All who pray, propagate and spread the devotion of my exorcism, dictated by the Grace of God to Pope lion XIII. I Michael and the Archangels and Angels of my Father's Kingdom will thank you.

I, Michael, Prince of the hosts of my Father, promise you that I will be friend and intercessor in this life and in the coming eternity of all those who pray and propagate the devotion of my exorcism. I will not let any of my devotees be lost and I will do the same for their families. When their time comes, I will take them to the Glory of God and present them before my Father, without them having to go through the Judgment of God.

Brethren: Every time you pray with my exorcism, call me first three times, with my battle cry: Who is like God! No one is like God" and I will come with the speed of thought to assist you in your spiritual struggle. Fear not brethren, do my exorcism; it is I your brother Michael and the Archangels and Angels of my Father's Kingdom who fight for you; therefore, fear not, we are here to serve, protect and shield you from all evil and danger. Brethren: My Father has granted me the honor of preserving his faithful flock from all evil; that is why you should not fear, but trust, pray and ask my Father to have mercy on this humanity so ungrateful, so sinful and so forgetful of the wonders and goodness of God.

Do you not know brethren, how much it hurts us to see so many souls that in the time of your time are being lost, there are so many who go down to Sheol, but we the Archangels and Angels cannot help them. Do you know why, because they have turned their backs on the God of life, while they had life here on earth!

What sadness overwhelms heaven! What pain my Father feels, seeing so many souls lost! Brethren, I ask you, in performing my exorcism, to include the souls of sinners who are in the greatest danger of damnation, and the souls of the dying who are in mortal sin. If you pray for them, I will intercede with my Father that they may not be lost. Those souls rescued from the fires of hell will thank you and will be your intercessors when they reach the Glory of God. Pray also with my exorcism for the conversion of sinners, for the Church and the Priests, so that we, through your prayers and supplications and by the Grace of my Father, may expel Jezebel and Asmodeus, who are leading the Shepherds of the Church away from the path of the Gospel. Pray also for the peace of the world, so threatened in your time, and most especially, pray for the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Our Lady and Queen Mary. If you call us, we will come to your aid; understand brethren that my Father respects your free will, that is why you must pray and pray and more especially in these times of so much darkness.

Do not forget brethren, to pray with my armor in the Grace of God, uniting yourselves to the Immaculate Heart of Our Lady and Queen Mary, to Me, and to the heavenly armies, so that together we may banish from the face of the earth every force of evil.

"Glory to God in heaven" Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia.

May the peace of the Most High God be with you brethren.

We are your friends and counselors: Michael the Archangel and the Archangels and Angels of my Father's Kingdom.

Make known brethren this message.

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