Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Victory is of Your God It is Written!


My children, may my peace be with you and remain forever. All is consummated, the time of mankind is drawing to an end; very soon the trumpets of Freedom will sound and the cry of emancipation will cover all the ends of the earth. Again I say to you, that mankind will go mad and men will be scarcer than the gold of Ophir; already the armies of my adversary are deploying; they will be the first to attack and create confusion and chaos.

My Spirit is close to departing from the face of the earth, to begin all that is written about the judgment of the nations; there is very little time left for the great purification of mankind; when you hear talk of wars, catastrophes and famines in various places, know that my coming is near, but first one nation will attack the other, the brethren will betray his brother and the father his son; chaos will seize this humanity that refused to listen to me.

The being of iniquity is about to make himself known; many will be lost upon hearing him; humanity will wander in shadows and darkness for the space of 1,290 days; but before this happens, you will see my signs and you will feel in body, mind and spirit, my last call to conversion. It will not be long now, but do not fear my flock, I will not leave you alone, my Mother and my Angels will accompany you; get ready sheep of my flock; get ready my people, because the hour of the final battle is near; gather around my Mother and my Heavenly Armies; remember:

The victory is of your God, it is written; do not disperse, nor let yourselves be confused, for the subtle weapon of The lie and deception will cause many to lose, even many of my chosen ones; rebuke spirits of deception and of air; seal yourselves with my blood; clothe yourselves with my armor; strengthen yourselves with my 91st Psalm; consecrate yourselves to Me and to my Mother; unite in prayer through the Holy Rosary with my Mother and your brethren; put my precepts into practice and be firm to my doctrine and I assure you that you will live in victory.

Prepare yourselves then, for all that I have announced to you through my envoys is about to be fulfilled. Do not fear those who kill the body; rather fear him who is able to kill both body and soul. Again I tell you, I will not leave you orphans, my mother is already among you in the company of my beloved Michael and my Armies.

Celestials; therefore, do not fear, I am going to prepare for you the dwellings in my New Creation, there I await you, my purified sheep; welcome My Mother; she and my angels will guide you and show you the way to my Eternal Jerusalem. Be gentle as doves and cunning as serpents; be very prudent in speech and action, for the prince of this world will very soon announce himself posing as the anointed one, the Messiah; he will seduce the nations and will perform wonders on earth to deceive many.

I remind you that that is not I; the Son of Man will no longer tread the earth; if they tell you that I am in the city, believe not; if they tell you that I am in the country, believe not; if they tell you that I wander in valleys and deserts, believe not; for many false prophets will appear, including the being of iniquity, saying I am; remember: "By their fruits you shall know them."

Fall not then, my people, into the snares of my adversary, you are already warned; feed on my Word that you may discern the times that lie ahead; again I say to you that if you remain steadfast to me, and to my precepts, no force of evil will be able to touch you. You, sheep of my fold, you know the shepherd and you know when I call you; therefore do not let yourselves be confused, because the wolf will dress himself as a lamb to seduce the sheep; remember: "Many last will be first and many first will be last".

Do not fear for the days ahead of you; I will make them pass as soon as possible; pray and pray, that they may be shortened; your prayer, faithfulness and love, for your God and your brethren, will be your strength; remember: I love you sheep of my flock; if you remain united to Me, the Wolf and his minions will not be able to touch you; again I tell you that I love you, do not fear, The victory of your Father and Shepherd: Jesus the Good Shepherd of all The times.

Make known my messages and spread them, do not stand still sheep of my flock.

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