Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ye Clay Gods: Your Days Are Numbered, Weighed and Measured!


The night of my Justice will very soon cover my creation and my creatures; zeal for my inheritance devours me; I will not allow the destruction of my creation; for it will be ravaged and almost destroyed by man and his technology of death; my Divine intervention will not allow this to happen. My incarnated adversary and his doctrine of death will cause the immense majority of humanity to attempt against my creation; the pride, apostasy, selfishness, envy and arrogance of today's man will unleash the misfortune. Very soon the gods of flesh and blood, like clay idols, will roll on the ground and with them their works, and they will no longer be remembered. I tell you clay gods, your days are numbered, weighed and measured; just as that of King Balthasar, your reign will come to an end.

After the desolation and the disappearance of all the wicked, I will reestablish my creation and it will be the new paradise for my survivors; my land will be inherited by the children of God; those who remained firm and faithful in the trials; they will shine like crucibles, I will be their God and they will be my people; they will call me and I will answer their call; we will be one big family in Love, Peace and Harmony.

Therefore I say to you: do not faint my people, for the hour of your emancipation draws near; remain faithful to your God and I will grant you the joy of a new life. My new heavens and my new earth await you; the Glory of God awaits for you, do not fear, the days are near when you will see the King in all his splendor.

Blessed are you, my people, for what the eye has not seen and the ear has not heard, you shall see and hear tomorrow. My reign is near, it is near; remain persevering and faithful to your God and the crown of life I will grant you. Courage my people! Do not lose heart, because very soon you will discover the true meaning that is enclosed in the word joy.

May my peace be with you and remain with you always. I am your Father. Jesus Yahweh, Lord of the nations. Make known my messages, my people.

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