Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Urgent, Urgent! My Word is Spirit and Life, a Double-Edged Sword Against All Evil Forces!


My children, my peace be with you. Dire days are approaching for mankind; the veil of sin will be torn; my creation and my creatures, will be purified. My children, this ungrateful and sinful humanity calls good what is evil, and calls evil what is good. They handle a double standard, they appear to be of God, but their heart is distant from Me. Oh, how wrong you are; you are neither cold nor hot, when the days of my justice come, I will vomit you out and separate you from Me! Time is over for this ungrateful and sinful humanity; there is no turning back; the trumpets of my justice will soon sound, announcing that the judgment of the Nations has begun. Gather yourselves my flock in prayer; remain united; the strength of your prayer, united to the Immaculate Heart of my Mother and to my Heavenly Armies, will give you the strength to be united in prayer; as long as you pray and carry the banner of my Blood, the forces of evil will not be able to touch you. Therefore, my children, it is very important that you unite in prayer with your brethren and my Mother, so that protection may remain within you. Form chains of prayer with the Holy Rosary; put on the Armor of Ephesians 6 to 18 and the reinforcement of my Psalm 91, so that you may be protected from all evil forces. Do not go out into the street without your armor on, so that you will not be surprised; remember that it is the time of my adversary and the incarnate spirits will lie in wait for you. Therefore, put on my Armor morning and night and extend it to your children and relatives, so that my protection may also reach them. Be warned. The battle is about to begin. I am your victory. The mobilization of my Armies will depend on your prayer; remember my Servant Moses, when he prayed and held the rod on high, my people were victorious; but when he lowered his guard with prayer and his arm fell, my people were defeated; again I tell you, that with respect to your free will, I do everything depending on your prayer. The strength of your prayer, praise, faith, works and above all love, will be your protective shield, which will radiate rays of justice that will blind and defeat the My word is Spirit and Life. It is a double-edged sword against every force of evil; read it and put it into practice against the armies of my adversary and they will flee in disarray. My children, the weapons I give you are powerful in the Spirit for the collapse of fortresses; use them and you will be victorious. May my peace be with you. I am your Liberator, Jesus the Good Shepherd of all times. Make my messages known, my children.

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