Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Message of God the Father to Mankind.

I Take No Pleasure in the Death of the Sinner!


Children of God, men of good will, may my peace reign in you and the light of my Spirit accompany you always.

You are already in the times of God your Father, Creator of everything visible and invisible; your time is already over; the immense majority of humanity, continues to run amok towards its own death and perdition.

The sin of man today frightens the very hells; the marriages between homosexuals and lesbians, the abortions, the homes badly lived, the lost youth and all the degradation of this ungrateful and sinful humanity, break with the balance of my creation and are an affront to my Holy Spirit. I tell you, that not even in Sodom and Gomorrah, with all their sin, was there ever seen what is seen today in this humanity of these last times. If I destroyed these two cities with fire fallen from heaven, how much more would I not do today with so much sin that makes heaven weep.

My creation can no longer bear so much outrage and sin; all my creatures keep the equilibrium with which they were created; that is to say: harmony, equilibrium, peace and common union with the Creator. But the man of today with his arrogance, arrogance and self-divinity, is breaking the code of love that governs creation, destroying the ecosystem, which will bring as a consequence his own self-destruction.

Understand, inhabitants of the earth, that I, your Father, take no pleasure in the death of the sinner; but I desire that you live and have eternal life. I am not the Justiciary Father who accumulates your sins and then makes you pay for them; that is not Me; if I were, I would have disappeared from the face of the earth long ago. But no, I am more Father than Judge, I wait patiently for the last word to be fulfilled, to see if you will come to your senses and return to Me, without My justice having to punish you.

I have sent you my prophets and you have not listened to them; I have sent you my only Son, and you have crucified Him. Today I send you your Mother and again my prophets, waiting for you to listen to them, to see if my Divine Justice does not have to sentence you.

You children of Adam, you are stiff-necked; you must know pain and death in order to be able to think again; oh, how foolish and foolish you are! If you could only grasp the desolation, death and chaos that is coming upon you, perhaps you would come to your senses and return to God, without having to know his justice. But no, it is written, that this humanity seeks God only with lips and ears, but its heart is distant from Him.

I repeat, I do not take pleasure in the death of the sinner, until the last second I will be waiting for you foolish children to see if you wake up and return to the path of your salvation. I announce to you that my Miracle and my Warning are near; this will be my last door of my Mercy open for all those who wish to enter through it. After this the darkness will envelop my land and my Divine Justice will purify all my creation.

I am your Heavenly Father: Jesus Yahweh, Lord of the Nations.

Make this message known to all the inhabitants of the earth.

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